The Real Right Stuff (2020)

The Real Right Stuff is a movie starring Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, and Annie Glenn. Follow the story of the first American astronauts in space in this National Geographic documentary.
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  • Tom Jennings, Director:
  • Rob Kirk, Chris Morcom, David Tillman, Producer:

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10 / 10

A wonderful documentary, a must watch

Just finished watching this documentary and was quite amazed to see footage that I had not seen before. The additional Tom Wolf dialogue added much and gave this viewer a glimpse into how he managed to write "The Right Stuff."

A word that comes to mind when I finished viewing is the word 'transfixed.' The entire documentary moves rather rapidly through the Mercury program, there were no dead spots.

Having seen just about all of the documentaries on the NASA space program, this particular documentary went even further than many of previous documentaries with behind the scenes videos and interviews, some quite rare and seldom, if ever, seen. A splendid video encapsulation of the early space program and the courageous men and women that comprised that program.

4 / 10


The Right Stuff is about the first 7 astronauts. During this movie they only show the first 3, with Scott Carpenter going up twice. The others fall by the waste side.They focus more on Scott Carpenter and John Glen.The Right Stuff is fat better than The Real Right Stuff.