The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020)

Vanessa Hudgens,
The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a movie starring John Jack, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sam Palladio. When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin, it's up to her double Stacy...
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  • Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger, Writer:
  • Mike Rohl, Director:
  • Brad Krevoy, Steven R. McGlothen, Producer:


5 / 10

Better Than The First...

But let's be honest it wasn't really hard. The first was a messy, cheap disaster. This movie has more care put into it and a much better use of the money. The sets don't look as cheap as the first one, the stand ins look better. I was pretty shocked because normally the second film in a series tend to get cheaper and more lazy.

Was this a great film though? No. It was pretty fun to watch however because of the terrible, terrible disaster that was the third Vanessa. I honestly wish the movie was about her and the two minions. It was such a disaster that i couldn't stop laughing. It was the most cartoonish thing i have seen that isn't actually a cartoon. She had her own 'evil villain theme song' that played every time she walked places. The parts on the movies with just evil Vanessa and the two henchmen were the best parts because no one could act, the jokes were just terrible and it was just great.

I honestly could have done with out the rest of the movies happening though. I think they spread them selves really thin, there were lots of little plots going on and they all kind of got jumbled up. I got quite bored when evil Vanessa wasn't there.

Im sure if you like the first you will like this. Maybe even just skip to the parts where she is the evil one. Them parts really were something else.

6 / 10

Cosy and predictable winter chick-flick

It's no Oscar winner, let's be clear....

But if you're after a cosy and predictable Christmas chick-flick curled up on the sofa with a mug of mulled wine, this is the film for you.

6 / 10

Not original but cute

I saw similarities with "a Christmas Prince" so the story is not really original. But the characters are lovely and pretty cute. The storyline is just okay. I loved to see Queen Amber and King Richard with the baby. I was just excited about to see Rose McIver and Ben Lamb.

5 / 10

Three is a crowd

I'm disappointed in this movie, the first one was very cute, but with the addition of the 3rd look alike it becomes something less enjoyable and fun. In the first Princess Switch, the characters (both Vanessa Hudgens) had an enjoyable and funny dynamic and that seems to be missing here, and the third character is a little too over the top and out of place. There are rumors of a 3rd installment, I hope the writers do a better job with that one

8 / 10

Silly but I really enjoyed it.

Really liked the first one so was looking forward to this.

It was silly at times but overall i really enjoyed it. Plus Vanessa Hudgens is awesome.

Will there be a third haha.