The Princess and the Dragon (2018)

Irina Kireeva, Konstantin Kozhevnikov, Ani Lorak, Sergey Smirnov, Diomid Vinogradov,
Printsessa i drakon is a movie starring Varvara Chaban, Vasiliy Dakhnenko, and Lina Ivanova. On her 7th birthday, Princess Barbara discovers a magical book that transports her to Wonderland - an enchanted place filled with dragons...
  • 4.4 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2018-09-07 Added:
  • Vasiliy Rovenskiy, Writer:
  • Marina Nefedova, Director:
  • Roman Borisevich, Maxim Rogalsky, Producer:


1 / 10


Avoid. No story, bad CGI, unfunny, uninteresting and disturbing at times.

1 / 10

Awesomely BAD

I should have looked at the reviews before renting at red box. Wasted $1.50 on an awesomely bad movie. That's a nice review for how bad this movie is. Do not waste your money unless you are into throwing money away.

1 / 10

Complete waste of time

It was marked as 6+. I wonder if any kid older than 6 can watch this without getting bored. Songs were bad, story line was a huge mess, or lets say no story line at all. All kids at the cinema got incredibly bored and they started to disturb each other (I think that this says something). There were no funny moments, worst animated movie I have seen so far.

1 / 10

Terrible terrible terrible

Annoyed that I paid to see this! I will never watch another movie like this again

1 / 10

Worst kids movie I have ever watched.

Avoid like the plague. Not getting that hour of my life back.