The Perfumier (2022)

Sólveig Arnarsdóttir, August Diehl, Robert Finster, Anne Müller, Emilia Schüle, Ludwig Simon,
A police detective tries to get back his girlfriend as well as his sense of smell, as he gets help from a perfume maker who uses deadly methods to find the perfect perfume.
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  • Kim Zimmermann, Writer:
  • Nils Willbrandt, Director:
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4 / 10

bland, just like the taste of perfume

Oh where to go with this movie. I thought it started out pretty ok in a sense and I was interested to see how the plot was going to develop. That was until it stopped. In the simplest of terms this film is a mess. The cast are alright but the plot just goes no where. Its about this police detective that has to regain their sense of smell with the help from a perfumier who is said to use deadly methods to get the perfect blend and thus gets his girlfriend back. It was listed as a crime thriller, but really there is none of that happening here. Its just nothing really but I do appreciate the cast and they do try hard to make somehing, which unfortunatly is just a let down in the end.

1 / 10

What did I just watch???

What did I just watch??? The movie started good with interesting storyline and it kept me wondering how the end would be. However, after 40-50 minutes watching, I 'smelled' something fishy or suspicious about this movie, yet I have been successfully seduced and could not rejected this movie scent. If I can be honest to you, I still don't know what was happened to me and why I have spent my precious time to watch this movie. This movie had left me confused, lost and stranded in a strange land without any food, gas or communication tools to seek for help. Please, please do watch this movie and help me to find out the whole points of this life.

1 / 10

What the hell is this?

What the hell is this complete disaster? Who let this to air? There is no plot. 1 and a half hour dissapointment. It sounded really interssting, but that's all. The characters are ridicuolosly bad. I almost fall asleep while watching.... The interesring story turned out really annoying at the end. The whole story failed at the begining. Police never employ someone who has no sense of smell.... Nowadays, every movie which contains one dead body or murder, get thriller label. This movie is so far from real thriller. Instead of this, this is pure madness! I deffinitely do not recommend to watch this german crap!

3 / 10

Watch the original. This here is just bad filmmaking.

Where to start, where to end? What a terrible German movie drivel, once again. Too many just can't write good scripts, it seems, and just don't understand story, character development, suspense, protagonists. Woven in is once again that bland wokeness that Netflix has come to represent. The original, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, is a pretty much perfect movie, great visuals, acting, story, tragedy. This here is just a grand muddle, from beginning to end. The acting is okayish, as are the technical-artistic aspects like camerawork, music etc. Altogether, when will there be good script writing film schools in Germany?

2 / 10

Incredible Bad

This epic novel has already been perfectly adapted to the cinema by a German director, Tom Tykwer. I will never understand why the Germans made a disgraceful adaptation of a movie that left its mark on cinema. The acting is bad, the cinematography is mediocre, the adaptation made to the present is incredibly bad, it has failed in terms of scenario. If I were Nils Willbrandt, I would try to prevent this movie from being released. The only good thing about this movie is that it makes you want to watch the Tom Tykwer version again. I'm sure the budget spent on this movie is more than the budget in Tom Tykwer's movie. The worst movie is Netflix Germany.