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Taylor John Smith, Caleb Landry Jones, Scott Eastwood, Orlando Bloom,
The Outpost is a movie starring Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood, and Caleb Landry Jones. A small team of U.S. soldiers battle against hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
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  • Eric Johnson, Paul Tamasy, Writer:
  • Rod Lurie, Director:
  • Marc Frydman, Jeffrey Greenstein, Paul Michael Merryman, Producer:


7 / 10

if your squemish, then make a pass...

Because this is made for the unison , and not the bipartisan of the audience. its a film about usa's war on taliban in afghanistan, it has a very cliched build up with loads of rough and tough language and bullying among compadres en masse. that really is going on for ssome 45 minutes.

but when the heat gets hot, i guess youll experience some highraised shoulders and stiffness in the neck, because the ''under attack'' action parts a really dignyfying and deadly to say the least, thanks to handheld free motion camerawork ,so here youre in for some good moviemaking.

but there are much mediocreness in the quiet and spiritual moments of the story, and that makes the grumpy old man give just a 7.but if you like the topic and genre, its among the finest made over the subject, and some of the acting are pretty good.

10 / 10

A small slice of war

This film shows that each soldier is fighting for the person beside them. Shows the madness of working with people that don't want you there, and the incredible relief when the battle is over. Some people may see this as a fairy tale of toxic masculinity. Those people do not know the immense joy of being shot at and missed.

8 / 10

Excellent war movie up there with the best

Never rated Scott Eastwood thought he was a subpar actor but man was I wrong he is amazing in this movie he shines and was without a shadow of a doubt my favourite character, as for the rest of the cast they all put in an amazing performance and the movie in a whole is just excellent, I love a good war movie and this is just that, trust me just watch it

6 / 10

Beautiful and exciting war drama only with less developed soldier characters.

The Outpost is a new war drama movie directed by Rod Lurie, the director of Nothing But the Truth and The Contender.

The film is about the American mission of a small group of soldiers consisting of 53 men, who defend the remote outpost Keating against the Taliban in Afghanistan. In this way they hope to support and defend the local population during social projects. When the US military decides to close outpost Keating, the remaining soldiers are surprised by a major attack by the Taliban. The soldiers must now protect the outpost and the population for the last time against an invasion of hundreds of Taliban fighters.

Director Rod Lurie and photography director Lorenzo Senatore have portrayed the film in a good and exciting way. This makes it feel as if you, as a viewer, are also part of the small group of American soldiers, who are often attacked by surprise attacks by the Taliban. The film feels a bit like the war films The Hurt Locker and 1917. This film also shows well what life-threatening missions soldiers can experience and why some of these soldiers have received the Medal of Honor.

Although the film is beautifully portrayed, you quickly forget who plays which soldier and what they are called. Only the more famous actors such as Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood can be recognized earlier in the film thanks to their fame. Despite this unfamiliarity of the cast, as staff sergeant Ty Carter, Caled Landry Jones still manages to put in good acting in the film and almost carries the film.

9 / 10

Give the whole cast oscars

Fantastic movie and insight in the terror and fear of war. Incredible acting all around, i really felt the actors were there. They really made this movie, Oscar's all around! Effects and score were on point. Why this movie hasn't got a higher rating is a crime.