The Orphaned Frontier (\N)

In post-civil war America, when a Union soldier is presumed dead, his children are mistakenly sent away on the orphan train. This is a wild-west story of people uniting for the greater good, and children forced to grow up quickly.
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6 / 10

Slow, but OK.

A bit slow & drawn out (1 h 34 min seems like 2 hrs) but not too bad, overall just OK.

Can add that the scenery & photograpy was good, lots of drones shots in filming the snowy landscape.

Wanted to give 5.5 out of 10.

10 / 10

A Must Watch In Times of Need!!!

When you stop and look at what war has does to people... makes orphans out of children and women widows and all for power! There is no distinction between the past, present and future wars. The horror we deal with is only a sample of what victims endure. This movie shines parallel to what happens today. It deals with loss of love, happiness, family, and hatred of enemy. We are all trying to survive hate! In survival there is no right or wrong; only Truth and Sacrifice redeems the true love for humanity. Break the cycle of violence and learn from each other's traditions. This movie elevates the search for love of family and unity, as well as, for loving the enemy. This is a great movie that reaches into the heart and make us feel that we ARE ALL human with flaws. Excellent movie portrayal.

7 / 10

Quite a surprisingly good Western...

Wow. Now this 2022 Western drama turned out to be a really nice surprise of a movie.

I must admit that I wasn't really expecting a whole lot from writer and director Brian Presley with this 2022 movie. Why not? Well, I had never heard about the movie, and I wasn't familiar with the almost the entire cast ensemble here. Plus, I've only had the misfortune of sitting through mostly dubious Westerns of a newer production date. So yeah, I wasn't really harboring much of any expectations here.

The storyline told in "Hostile Territory" turned out to be very entertaining and enjoyable. It was a well-written storyline that definitely encompassed a lot of different elements and aspects, and it is that which made it stand out from many other more singular-minded Western movies. I will say that I was genuinely entertained by the storyline from start to end, so writer and director Brian Presley definitely churned out a very watchable and entertaining movie here with "Hostile Territory".

It should be said that the cast ensemble definitely put on good performances and carried the movie quite well, and that applies to both adult and child actors and actresses alike. Lots of great performances throughout the course of the movie, and they definitely made the movie come to life in a very fulfilling manner.

"Hostile Territory" looks and feels like a Western movie, well more of a frontier Western movie, as there isn't a whole lot of city living and dueling going on. And that was nice to me. I definitely enjoyed watching a movie that explored this aspect of the post-Civil War era.

And the wardrobe and props departments definitely added a great layer of Western atmosphere to the movie. It was eye-candy to look at, and it helped make the movie pop out from the screen. Lots of nice scenery and landscapes as well.

If you enjoy Westerns, then you definitely have to sit down and watch "Hostile Territory" if you get the chance. This movie surprised me profoundly, and it is a movie that I can and will warmly recommend.

My rating of "Hostile Territory" lands on a seven out of ten stars.

8 / 10

Very good thoughtfull movie

I have read the reviews and this movie i thought was excellent not to long very thoughtfully made the end off movie was excellent my opinion very very GOOD and worth the time watching xx.

2 / 10

If Hallmark did a western

Don't be fooled folks, badly acted and with a budget of about $12....However, if you like wasting time feel free to indulge.

The high reviews are clearly from the casts parents.