The One and Only Ivan (\N)

Angelina Jolie, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren,
The One and Only Ivan is a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Phillipa Soo, and Chaka Khan. A gorilla named Ivan tries to piece together his past with the help of an elephant named Stella as they hatch a plan to escape from captivity.
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  • Katherine Applegate, Mike White, Writer:
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6 / 10

Disney's typical harmless family fare

So this movie has a strong anti-captivity message, wants human to uncage the animals and give them their freedom back by... keeping them in the zoo? 'The One and Only Ivan' is Disney's typical harmless family fare given some depth by good performances from the cast but it isn't refined enough to be more than that.

6 / 10

Darker than anticipated

Thank god for Bob the Dog. If it wasn't for him, I would've been reaching for the Prozac or looking for the nearest bridge. This was darker and more depressive than I anticipated. Bob the Dog (perfectly cast Danny DeVito) really stole the show and provided the comic relief. Totally needs a Bob spin-off, as I got the feeling he's seen some stuff.

'The One and Only Ivan' was a bit all over the place. Bryan Cranston was strong as always, though I sometimes found it hard to be engaged. Besides being dark, it was also very much a kids movie. Its use of flashbacks also served to break momentum and structure. They also provided an additional avenue of heartache - Disney really doesn't like parents and parent figures, eh?

The film certainly looks nice - especially the animals and use of colour. It all just seemed a little too shallow - until the end. The ending was fantastic, but didn't quite outweigh the overwhelming darkness of the rest.

The true story itself (featured in the credits) was more interesting than anything else. Despite its downfalls, it'll probably please most young views and is far from being a terrible film. Stick around at the end for a final appearance from our mate, Bob.

"Humans are the worst. Cockroaches have bigger hearts." - Bob the Dog.

9 / 10

Great Story

I read the book and I loved it! I didn't know it was based of a true story but Disney did a good job making it into a movie. Such a beautiful film, me and my sister really enjoyed watching it!

7 / 10

A Good Family Film

So far Disney+ has had few exclusives to its name but today the film The One And Only Ivan came to the streaming service and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a gorilla try and help him and his animal friends to get out of the life of performing and into the wildlife.

Main CharacterSam Rockwell voices Ivan and I thought he did a really good job here. His voice really complimented the role well, his soft spoken nature for a gorilla really does work in an interesting way. You also care about Ivan and really want him to succeed, he is just really likeable and a nice lead character.

Supporting CharactersBryan Cranston plays the person in charge of the show and he is really good here too. It would have been really easy to portray him as a pure villain but the film does a better job with that and he is actually quite likeable, despite the fact he is clearly taking advantage of the animals you can tell he does care about them and the film does a good job in portraying that. The film also has some great actors in voice roles such as Angelina Jolie, Danny Devito & Helen Mirren which adds to the legitimacy of the film and they all do good in their roles.

StoryThe story has some good emotion to it, you care about these animals and want to see them happy. Though this film does something really clever, most films to do with animal captivity make the one in charge an evil brute of a man but this film doesn't do that and adds more character to Cranston which makes this feel a more interesting story. Though this film doesn't always convey that well, it seems a bit rushed, I am not sure if that is just to do with the length of the film but Ivan changes his motivations incredibly quickly without much explanation.

ScriptThe script has some okay emotional moments and humour, I think it is mostly made better due to the quality of actors involved. It does some interesting things with the drama but mostly it feels like your typical Disney script that doesn't go as far as it could and a little bit of childish humour for the kids who watch this film.

StyleThe style of the animals is very good, Ivan himself looks fantastic and really fits the screen incredibly well. But this film struggles due to its length, with it only being 90 mins long it rushes certain aspects of the plot and even wastes a few of the characters in terms of development.

OverallOverall, I liked this film. I think this is an easy watch and good for families to watch, not one to rush to see but it is one I think people will enjoy.

5 / 10

Ivan The Grey Back

I just finished watching this movie it is a good family movie. The way they ended it i thought was good. But i think it would have been excellent at the end of the for Ivan to have found his sister at the place that he ended up in at the end. It would have been a real tear jerker at the end.