The Mysterious Mr. Wizdom (2020)

Andre Blaze Rodgers, Joe H. Sutton, Yola'nda Bell, Jennifer Davis,
The Mysterious Mr Wizdom is a clever Love Comedy about a retired cantankerous military vet named Mr. Wizdom who has a dark secret. His son Wizdom Jr along with his partner Queen and her daughter Beauty embark on an artistic life jour
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10 / 10


This is a breakout star production. Job well done, looking forward to more from these actors.

1 / 10


CAPTIVATING? How can that single 10/10 review even use that word, do they even know what it means? "Breakout star production"? Breakout of prison perhaps, but anything BUT a "star production". This thing is HORRIFIC, I have never spent a worse 1hr 49min in my life. The synopsis on IMDB is even written BY the writer/director and "star" of this thing, that right there should say it all. Acting is so painful it's bordering on pathetic, I almost felt sorry for these "actors", I've actually seen better productions at a grade 6 play. Lines are delivered with zero emotion or inflection, cinematography is horrible. It's just a complete and utter mess, every part of it. Possibly the worst thing about our technology now allows anyone who can finance an iPhone to make what they consider a movie, and put it out there. How these things even get produced or released is beyond me, SAVE YOURSELF from this horror. The only thing "mysterious" about Mr. Wizdom is how they think anyone would watch this? I would give it a zero if I could. YES it's that bad. GREAT fake review lol.