The Maid (2014)

Claire Kahane, Ryan Cerenko, Keith Hill, Olivia Jewson,
The Maid is a movie starring Claire Kahane, Ryan Cerenko, and Keith Hill. An American teenager, who while visiting his estranged dad in England, gets into an emotional relationship with the older foreign maid working there.
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1 / 10

Soap Opera Tripe

Jack, the main character, is a horny, whiny, self-centered bastard. The dialog is terrible. He is delusional with his affection to the maid who is much older than he is. You can't buy into this one bit with his whining all the time about his dead mother and his relationship with his father who he refers to by his first name. He is verbally abusive and you just don't have any sympathy for him whatsoever. He is manipulative and I found the other reviews on this astounding when they praise this film.

This id supposedly falls in love with the maid after two days. You just want to [email protected] slap the kid after one day. He acts like he is entitled to his own suffering and that nobody else matters. Just avoid this film if you don;t want to get angry at this preposterous melodrama soap opera tripe.

1 / 10

Utter garbage

I felt compelled to write this, my first review, as the ratings for this have so clearly been rigged. This feels like a mediocre 6th form media studies project. The script is dire, the story-line hackneyed and the acting workmanlike. The casting too is awful - Jack is supposed to be 17 but has a clearly receding hairline that puts him at or beyond the actor's real age of 26, and the supposedly much older maid Maria looks (and in real life is) the same age. The father is very 'regional TV drama series'. The pace is glacially slow and there is constant hotel lounge-bar piano music in accompaniment.

My son and I just ended up laughing at the clichés and overall awkwardness. Don't waste your time on this - just dig out The Graduate again and marvel...

1 / 10

I hated this movie!


If you want to lose 99 precious minutes of your life I recommend do anything else, NOT SEE THIS MOVIE !!

It's the worst I saw. The dialogue is ridiculous, sad performances and the story seems straight out of a bad , poor and cheap soap opera. It is impossible to empathize with the principal character.

I am so angry I did my user only to warn others innocent bystanders of this disaster , I can not believe that the film has 7.1 points and that 3 out of 4 reviews are positive

If there is a negative score would give -10 points this film, INCREDIBLY BAD !!

PS: apologize for my English, It is bad as the movie ;)

1 / 10

Rather not ...

... as there's nothing to enjoy or like or to think about. Mediocre acting of everybody involved, camera and lighting awful really and story just sooo predictable.

A so-called 16 year old guy (26 ?) hitting on a girl a movie doesn't make? Somewhat preposterous.

8 / 10

Great movie !

I watched this movie not knowing what to expect. On the one hand I was excited because I heard some good stuff about it, but as always, I was a bit skeptical because it is an independent movie. No big studios behind it. And it was a really refreshing change from watching the over-fed Hollywood blockbusters, that in the late time, tend to look-alike.

I won't give away much, but it is about somewhat forbidden fruit, love that was not suppose to happen. Young guy with a bright future falls for an older maid. The maid recognized many similarities between her and the young boy, and he reminded her of her own forgotten hopes and dreams. On the other side, he found someone who understands him.

Can they make it, can their love stand the test of time? Well, I recommend you to go and watch this nice movie and enjoy in it, as I have enjoyed. I give it a 8/10!