The Mad Phoenix (1997)

Kwan-Ho Tse, Yuk-Wah So, Chan-Leung Poon, Yuk-Fun An, See-Hung Chan, Wing Yee Cheng, Wai-Lim Chu, Chui-Lin Fung,
Nan hai shi san lang is a movie starring Kwan-Ho Tse, Yuk-Wah So, and Chan-Leung Poon. The legendary life story of Cantonese opera playwright "Mad Phoenix" Kiang Yu-kou.
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10 / 10

I feel like I've experienced my whole life

After watching this movie, I feel like I've experienced my whole life.Every once in a while, I watch the film again, and every time I get a new harvest.The film is not too skillful. It's driven by the plot.The story of the hero of the film is told by a storyteller. Occasionally, flashbacks are used only to help the audience remember the last episode. The rest happened in strict chronological order.We always say that life is like a play, but most people spend an ordinary life, but the main character of this film has an extraordinarily rich life.The protagonist remained stubbornly at the heart of the creator in those stormy times, which is where the protagonist touched me.My favorite part is the end of the film - the encounter of two poor writers.It's like the only spiritual consolation and hope left by the director after he devastated the audience's heart in more than two hours.

7 / 10

Cinema Omnivore - The Mad Phoenix (1997) 7.4/10

"It goes without saying that, the film lives and dies with Tse's central performance, which won him a coveted Best Leading Actor trophy in the Golden Horse awards (it was a big deal for pan-Chinese cinemas, until it would be not). Tse is a seasoned stage thespian but in the movie, he is denuded of any theatricality save for the theatrical parts, where he presides with confidence and panache, is his opera-singing dubbed? One cannot tell. Mr. Thirteen is a tragic figure, but Tse has the felicity to ensure that audience can see clearly how this tragedy commences, gels and worsens, the strike of every hammer blow Mr. Thirteen comes in for is attested by Tse's protean ability and at the end of the day, the tragedy is transformed into a victorious reimagining of a genius' cradle-to-grave journey in a turbulent time, and may Mr. Thirteen's loftiness still prevail."

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