The Lover in the Attic: A True Story (2018)

Molly Burnett, Kevin Fonteyne, David Fierro, David Alexander,
The Lover in the Attic: A True Story is a TV movie starring Molly Burnett, Kevin Fonteyne, and David Fierro. Milwaukee, in 1920s: Stymied in her marriage to her wealthy but boorish husband Fred, sultry and seductive Dolly keeps her...
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  • Richard Kletter, Michele Samit, Writer:
  • Melora Walters, Director:
  • Adam Freeman, Keith Neal, Joanne Rubino, Producer:
7 / 10

Truth is stranger than fiction.

There was a lot of movie they had to stuff into a two hour time slot. They did it quite well. This story would normally be too far fetched and corny if it wasn't true. But it was true and it makes you wonder... can people really be like this? It seems like that's how many true life movies are. Truth is stranger than fiction. The acting, period flavor, and all the visuals generally were just right. Except the scenes of Dolly driving and her at the beach. The lighting was just plain lousy. Some of the risqué scenes were not as risqué as they should have been. But I'll give them a pass on that since it was a made for TV movie. I particularly liked the fact that they used Otto as the narrator throughout the movie. Narration is a good effective way to tie up lose ends and clear up any misconceptions on the part of the viewer. This same story has already been filmed a few times in the past, and I did not see those. But I was happy with this version.

8 / 10

well done lifetime movie

Great story based on true events was the attraction and not only that but talented intense Molly Burnett from Queen of the south. very well done lifetime movie. gotta watch it to believe it.

1 / 10

It's Supposed To Be True

The woman being portrayed looked more like Ma Kettle than the actress that was chosen. Her lover was a mousy looking, little man with thick glasses. Aside from those gross inaccuracies, spend some time in your own attic when the heat index is 110 or when the wind chill is minus 20. The attics in all my homes had no heat, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing or a FLOOR. So; how can I believe a 100+ year old home had a habitable attic? My friend's 90 year old home doesn't even have attic access. This is easily the most far fetched, "true" story I've ever seen. In fact; I can't swallow the belief that Otto was literate, let alone a typist.

5 / 10

Had to give it a 5, tt depends on the viewer.

Well lets make this easy, if you're a man hating feminist, this would get an 11. If you're sick and tired of feminism, it would get -10. But if like me, you enjoy watching women make utter fools of themselves, imagining somehow they were going to reverse the trend of history, and rule over men, then it would probably get at least an 8. I always enjoy watching women fantasize that they will some day rule over all men and order them around like slaves, it won't happen, but feminists seldom live in reality.

6 / 10

Hubba hubba!

I watched it with the sound down while listening to Youtube podcasts. It looks like a nice little made for TV period piece... but that's not why I gave it six stars. I gave it six stars because I'm in love. Not with the actress who played the role(necessarily), nor the person the character is based on. I'm in love with the character in the movie. There, I said it!

Perhaps I'll acquire it in the near future and watch (and listen to) it commercial free(without having to be on "advertisement mute alert"). I sure hope she has a reasonably sultry voice, and not an annoying high pitched modern American... squeak(?)... squawk(?). I... I... don't think my heart could take that kind of disappointment. :(

Oh look! Here comes the nurse with my brain medicine. Yippeeee! Gotta go...