The Locusts (1997)

Kate Capshaw, Jeremy Davies, Vince Vaughn, Ashley Judd,
A drifter enters a small town looking for employment. While working at the local cattle ranch, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Kitty and becomes involved in a deadly yet erotic love triangle.
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  • John Patrick Kelley, Director:
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8 / 10

Heartbreaking and Depressive Revelations

In the 50's, the drifter Clay Hewitt (Vince Vaughn) arrives in a small town in the countryside of Kansas and befriends the locals Kitty (Ashley Judd), Earl (Paul Rudd) and his girlfriend Patsy (Jessica Capshaw) after punching their friend Joel Carter (Daniel Meyer) in a bar. Clay asks for a job to raise money to go to California, and Earl drives him to the ranch of the widow Delilah Ashford Potts (Kate Capshaw) to work with him in the slaughterhouse. Mrs. Potts is an alcoholic and promiscuous woman and hires Clay and let him stay in the barn. When Clay meets her son Joseph "Flyboy" Potts (Jeremy Davies), he learns that he has just returned from a mental institution after eight years and he does not speak a word to anybody. Further, his only friend is a bull called Jim that belonged to his father. Clay falls in love with Kitty and gets close to Flyboy that becomes his friend and slowly changes his behavior. When Clays decides to leave the town, he discloses a dark secret to Kitty. Meanwhile Flyboy's change of attitude unleashes a series of evil events and revelations from Mrs. Potts.

"The Locust" is one of the most powerful dramas shown in the American cinema industry, with a depressive and heartbreaking story of family revelations. This film is almost perfect, with wonderful direction, performances, cinematography, art direction and music score. Further, it is dramatic but never corny. It is also impressive how the distributors have neglected this film that was only released on VHS in Brazil. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Segredos Imperdoáveis" ("Unforgivable Secrets")

7 / 10

A very nice debut with a good story and some fine acting

Normally when I hear or read the title of a movie, I have some idea of what it could be like. That's not always correct, but most of the time it works - especially with famous movies of course. But when I read the title of this movie, I really didn't know what it would be about. Of course I didn't think that it would be a movie about the insect, but I just couldn't form a good idea about it. That's why I just gave it a try, not knowing what to expect, but hoping for the best. And I'm glad that I did, because this certainly was a nice movie.

"The Locusts" is situated in the 1950's and shows how the arrival of Clay Hewitt changes life drastically in a small town. He's looking for a job and is hired by the local feed ranch's owner, an aging widow who likes to drink and seduce younger men. He quickly becomes her new lover, but also has an eye for her quiet son Flyboy. The boy hasn't spoken a word in years and is completely withdrawn since the death of his father. The only one who he talks to since his recent return from a mental hospital is his pet bull. But Clay wants to give it a try and gradually he manages to get the boy out of his isolation, much against the will of the boy's mother...

Even though this is perhaps not the most original story ever, I must say that I had a good time watching this movie. The acting has a lot to do with that of course. Vince Vaughn is very enjoyable as Clay Hewitt and Kate Capshaw did a very fine job portraying Delilah, but in my opinion it is Jeremy Davies as Flyboy, who was the best this time. But overall this is a movie that portrayed its characters well and didn't drown in an overdose of plot twists. This is John Patrick Kelley's first and so far only film, but it certainly makes me look forward to new projects from this man. I give this movie a rating between 7/10 and 7.5/10.

10 / 10

Excellent Movie with a superior cast

What a great story to tell. Vince Vaughn is at his best. The score and characters are perfect. Supporting cast is amazing.Definitely worth a watch.

Tim Treakle

5 / 10

Ashley is great, but the movie is not.

This is the second movie in a row that I've watched which has good acting but is let down by a wayward script. I was amazed at Ashley Judd's commanding performance as Kitty. All credit too for Kate Capshaw, Jeremy Davies and Vince Vaughn. The pace of the whole movie was painfully slow and the ending was a huge disappointment. The castrating of bulls was really excessive and unnecessary. Watch this as a measure of how big a star Ashley Judd will become.

7 / 10

No southern cliche unused

I agree with bjb completely on this one. Skip this and rent Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Hud. I can actually think of a couple southern movie cliches that weren't used: the cattle did not develop brucelosis; the protagonist did not fight racism at any point in the movie;and (Specific to Texas)though longneck beers were constantly being imbibed, I could not surmise that they were Lonestar brand and nobody was drinking Dr Pepper. Still, Ashley Judd looks great. The plot is preposterous and somebody needs to explain to me why Kate Capshaw's character did not want her son to leave?