The Lioness (2019)

Giuliana Gutierrez, Lacy Hartselle, Desi Ivanova, Gabriele Orebaugh,
The Lioness is a movie starring Giuliana Gutierrez, Lacy Hartselle, and Desi Ivanova. A pair of strippers go on the run after stealing money from the mob.
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  • Vicky L. Neal, Writer:
  • Richard Poche, Director:
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7 / 10

Innovative and Unique!

This film was really innovative! I was really impressed with how they created the feel of a full storyline even with a small cast and minimal setting changes. I really think they did a great job creatively incorporating music as a storytelling mechanism to push the plot along - it definitely kept us intrigued and ready for what was next!

9 / 10

Character Driven, Strong Ending

I had no idea what to expect going into this film. After watching the opening credits, it was clear this was a lower budget film. Regardless of the budget, the creator did a great job developing the characters. I liked how the backstories were revealed through flashbacks. And a unique approach was taken to convey the main characters inner monologue. Overall there were some highs with writing and character development. As well as some of those low budget indie film qualities throughout. I look forward to seeing what else this creator puts out.

9 / 10

Simple concept, excellent execution

If you're a fan of heist or chase movies this is gonna do you right. Surprisingly fantastic acting and production value. the suspense was wonderfully portrayed and could not have asked for a better ending or twist. Just all around fantastic for what it is. If I had to criticize or down on anything it's the camera work, which for the budget it appears these guys were working with is acceptable. Gonna have to check out more of these lads work.

9 / 10

Heck of a movie!

I was The Lioness was an entertaining film with intriguing characters and a bucket load of plot twists. Poche shows off his director chops and uses the camera as the audiences' eye into the action. Great movie abt look forward to seeing more of Richard Poche's films.

7 / 10

Entertaining Indie Romp

This self-aware indie film is a great quick watch for fans of suspense and crime dramas. Snappy dialogue and strong acting make it worth watching. The film nods to noir and melodrama conventions, but its fast pace and force-of-nature characters keep viewers guessing until the end.