The Legend of Luo Xiaohei (2019)

Youji Wang,
Luo Xiao Hei zhan ji is a movie starring Youji Wang, June Yoon, and Kei Gambit. In bustling human world, various of goblins live peacefully with mankind. Luo Xiao-Hei, the cat demon, begins his journey of wandering because his...
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10 / 10

A milestone for China domestic 2D animated films

Dating back to 2011, the mysterious independent producer MTJJ created the character of Luo Xiao-Hei and animated TV series as well. With stick figure style yet marvelous storyline and profound worldview, the series captured millions of viewers and considered to be the shining star of domestic animation. Though facing difficulties of fund and staff shortages, MTJJ never gave up and keep on serializing to 28 short episodes, about 2 hours in total, till this day with the help of a team consists of few people.That's why the 100 mins long 2D animated film with the same name set off a fan carnival this summer. Not only the smooth painting style can be compared to world famous Studio Ghibli and Kyoto Animation, the intimate growing up tale also touched the innermost feelings of audiences, let along Easter eggs hidden everywhere and homage paying to classics. Last but not least, the film portraits a true Chinese style atmosphere with a glimpse of ancient and modern China together.The movie do have a relatively slow pacing of daily life stories In the first half which may cause some audience fell a little bit dull. Whatever the flaws, it still resembles a milestone of modern day 2D Chinese animated films

9 / 10

The best Ghibli movie in years is not from Ghibli

When Air China's entertainment system suggested this to me, I had no idea of what this was about - but I was immediately captivated, as it looks like a Ghibli movie, only not from Ghibli but from unknown Chinese animators. So I watched it in Chinese (even if I don't understand it) and I liked it so much that as soon as I got home I started to search for the web animation series from which the characters are taken.

The drawing style is deceptively simple, but the backgrounds and scenery in the first half are nothing short of wonderful. They recreate that magical atmosphere of a lost natural world that you may remember from Mononoke Hime or Totoro, with the movie being a bit of both - a peaceful and funny (lots of gags!) growth experience for a young, exhuberant demon-cat-kid, but also the tale of the clash between nature and mankind. (Since young and self-confident China is not old and weary Japan, though, the moral angle on this will end up slightly differently...) But what is really outstanding is the characterization of the protagonist, in terms of story and in terms of animation. It is very well done, and you will really root for Xiaohei as the character grows in several dimensions.

The final part is IMHO a bit less convincing and not so Ghibli-esque, as it focuses on solving the conflict that has been building up throughout the movie, and at times becomes more like a superhero fight sequence. However, in the overall this is a really good animation movie and if a Western edition comes out you should definitely not miss it; in the meantime, you can look for it online, and even the unsubtitled Chinese version will do (there is not a lot of dialogue and you can figure out the story quite easily without it).

10 / 10

I Love Chinese Animation Movie.

At the beginning, I always thought that the rise of Guoman meant the picture rather than the plot, but now I know what the real rise of Guoman is. Just this plot, picture, clip and soundtrack have reached the world level. Unexpectedly, douban'er fell from 9.0 to 8.2! It's a pity that the film didn't show in America, otherwise it would have won the Oscar.

10 / 10

Artstyle, animation and story was simply perfect for me

I was absolutely amazed by the quality of this movie. The story is touching and really funny, and the battles are spectacular.Must watch! Especially for fans of the Avatar: the last Airbender series, who are looking for a similar experience.

10 / 10


One word to describe this movie is amazing. The voice actors did great displaying all emotions and the story is so well thought out. One of my favorite; if not my favorite animated movie. A well thought out story with plenty of mind blowing action sequences to amp it up. Perfect. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this movie.