The Last Igloo (2019)

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  • Christian Collerton, Director:
  • Adam Simons, Producer:

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10 / 10

Fantasic movie

Minimalistic yet so full of overwhelming powerfull images. Everything is so quiet you can almost feel the slow heart beats of the main character. You recognize the sad, depressing vanishing huning era wrapped in easy native inuite words.The landscapes are so largely breathtaking you can actually feel the main character beeing squized to a singularity. So well spotted at the movie end, in the actic darkness, a long gone colapsing light from the past history. You will feel at the end that this is really the last igloo, a sort of modern last supper before going extinct. So introspective. Highly recomended.

9 / 10


Beautiful movie, soundtracks, scenery.As much as the life of the main character could be simple, it is filled with nature, with loneliness, with ancesters life experiences. I don't see the sadness in the movie, I see the experienced and peaceful life. Incredibly nice movie.