The Kashmir Files (2020)

The Kashmir Files' is a story, based on video interviews of the first generation victims of the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandit Community In 1990.
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10 / 10


Just watched The Kashmir Files on big screen. Feeling numb, speechless and completely immersed in agony and tears. Don't watch it unless you have a very strong heart. Thats Masterpiece.

10 / 10

Awesome movie and very touching

It is one of those movies which will definitely make you cry and angry. You would realize a dark truth was hidden in our own history for so long and we didn't care for it.

Awesome performances ??

10 / 10

Heart Touching and well documented Movie

Kudos to the director and actors of the movie "The Kashmir Files".

Salute to the guts, for making such a heart-touching movie on Kashmiri Hindus and showing the Truth about their Genocide and Exodus from their Land i.e. Kashmir.

10 / 10

Greatest movie of world movie history

Brutal disturbing truth of Kasmiri hindu genocide not told yet by anybody. This is biggest, true story, fact based movie. All cast performance was awesome, great acting. Direction, screenplay, music is best of all. Every person around the world should watch this to get aware about the islamic terrorism all around the world to stop this cult which is greatest threat for all human beings.

10 / 10

Don't look away

Kashmir has always been a touchy subject in Indian subcontinent and few creators are brave enough to depict the tragedy of kashmiri pandits for that alone this movie deserves your time and attention. Unlike shikara which was so far from truth that calling it fiction would be suitable the kashmiri files does not shy away from the dark side of Dawn of Indian state and the lives that lie casted out in its shadow of negligence. Brave cinema like this deserves accolades.