The John Cena Experience (2010)

John Cena,
A unique documentary following WWE Superstar John Cena in and out of the ring, including his intense preparation for WrestleMania. Cena shares his views on WWE, movies, his music, giving back to the community, and so much more.
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6 / 10

John Cena: Wrestlemania's Golden Boy (?) - Or - Goldmine (?)

Are you ready to experience "The John Cena Experience"?

And, who exactly is John Cena?.... Well, this All-American amigo (now 16 years in the wrestling profession) is a 12-time winner of WWE's Heavyweight Championship. And upon seeing this 6'1", 250 lb, Hercules strutting his stuff in the ring one can't help but applaud this dude whose sheer strength and overall enthusiasm makes him one powerhouse wrestler like no other.

But, on the down side - It was so very clear to see that this documentary was an ego-driven production where the Federation of Wrestlemania had clearly invested a helluva lot of money into promoting Cena.

The trouble I found with this sort of marketing ploy of Cena (as a bankable product) was that his "Mister Badass/Mister Nice Guy" image was so overblown that, at times, it came across to me like an absurd parody which, in turn, seemed to encourage laughter rather than inspire genuine admiration.

Anyway - Don't get me wrong here. I certainly have nothing against John Cena. I mean, this dude definitely deserves a considerable amount of respect and credit for remaining at the top of his profession for so many years now.

1 / 10


Once he started schilling for those china dollars i lost all respect for him! Not that i had much to begin with.

He's not a good actor and very unfunny.