The Intruders (2015)

Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, Austin Butler, Tom Sizemore,
After the traumatic loss of her mother, a teenaged girl tries to uncover the dark secrets behind her new home, in spite of her father's disbelief.
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  • Jason Juravic, Writer:
  • Adam Massey, Director:
  • Jeff Sackman, Nicholas Tabarrok, Producer:


3 / 10

Same old, same old.

Not entirely sure how to categorize this movie. It's definitely not horror or a thriller. Most likely someone's idea of suspense. Too bad there wasn't a true suspenseful moment.

I would not recommend this movie. The story is really nothing original as it has bits and pieces from other movies. The acting is nothing special.

Without giving details, it is basically one person has experiences that can't be explained, they are shared with someone else that doesn't believe them. The first person is believed mentally unstable. Nothing new. The extremely slow build-up does not deliver so much as the bat of an eyelash. Not much of a build up at all. Pretty lame actually.

In a nutshell its just boring. If you want to see how boring, knock yourself out. Its a waste of an hour and a half.

2 / 10

The Intruders (2015): Cliché The Movie

I was curious to see what Miranda Cosgrove could do as a leading lady, all I ever hear is criticism about her acting ability. I never get to see her in anything as what she tends to do doesn't exactly fall into the category of stuff I would watch (With the exception of School Of Rock).

Starring alongside more than competent veterans Donal Logue & Tom Sizemore this horror is one big cliché & steals material from other movies, sticky tape's it all together and calls it original.

Dull and lifeless this is a hard one to make it through as it goes nowhere, is more predictable than a Cena match and goes nowhere.

2 / 10

Same ole' same same ole

Sorry but im done with movies recycling the SAME ideas OVER AND OVER again.I started out hopeful and then it was all downhill from there.Just boring boring.The storyline never lifted off the ground,characters were just thrown in there and as one reviewer commented,this was neither horror nor just defense of Miranda Cosgrove this movie is neutral enough that her Nickelodeon fans can watch it and not be know like your ten year old can watch this and there'd be no issues with being scared..just some very quick blurry glimpses of what i guess must be the girl who's a ghost,but not a very exciting ghost.If you're doing housework or home alone and looking for something to have on in the background this is the movie for you!

4 / 10

Unoriginal, Predictable and Full of Clichés

The disturbed twenty year-old Rose Halshford (Miranda Cosgrove) moves with her father, the architect Jerry Halshford (Donal Logue), to an old house after the loss of her mother. Soon Rose meets her next door neighbor Leila Markby (Jenessa Grant) and she learns about the tragic disappearance of the teenager Rachel that was sheltered by the previous owner of her house, Cheri Garrison (Claire Calarco) and her son Marcus (Michael Luckett). Rose suspects of Leila's father Howard Markby (Tom Sizemore) and she also learns that he had been the prime suspect of the police but proved his innocence. Rose overhears noises in the house but her father believes she is still traumatized by the loss of her mother. Rose also dates the constructor Noah Henry (Austin Butler) that is refurbishing the house. When strange events happen in the house, Jerry believes Rose is the responsible. Is his daughter really paranoid?

"The Intruders"is an unoriginal and predictable film full of clichés. The formulaic story seems to be on the shelve ready to be prepared without any creativity. In addition, the lead character is annoying and does not seem to be a twenty year-old college girl. The conclusion is so obvious that irritates. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "A Casa do Medo" ("The House of the Fear")

1 / 10

Soooo painfully terrible

The plot is so bad, its mind numbing. I don't care, in general, what movie reviewers have to say. However, all of them are pretty spot on for this.

Terrible plot- Most times a movie knows where its going with its plot, this on the other hand seemed like it was improvising every step of the way. Nothing original, nothing new, doesn't add anything to the genre.

Terrible Acting-Miranda Cosgrove is so bad in this. All the other characters are forgettable as well.

Terribly not scary- It's laughable really.

and above all just a really bad job with everything. Time that you will never get back.