The Homecoming: A Musical (2018)

Benjamin Bratt, Eileen Grubba, Madeline Rhodes, Ajani A.J. Murray, Terra Mackintosh, Bradford Haynes,
Best Summer Ever is a movie starring Shannon DeVido, Rickey Alexander Wilson, and MuMu. A fresh and exhilarating take on the beloved teen musical genre featuring eight original songs and a fully integrated cast and crew of people...
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8 / 10

Fun, Innovative, and Full of Charm

This movie has everything you need. Drug dealing lesbian moms. 30 year olds playing high schoolers. A homecoming prank gone wrong.

It's a disabled version of Grease and High School Musical and Mean Girls all mixed into one beautiful campy party.

There are so many subtle hilarities in the movie. Kicker representation is finally seen, as Rickey Alexander Wilson fears losing his "cool star athlete" image (he's A KICKER) by revealing his secret passion for dancing. His on-the-field, mid-game performance? Iconic.

Shannon Devido delivers a fantastic performance as the daughter of a wonderful family of hippies, living on the road and defying all traditional expectations of the family unit. Who needs a smartphone when you have a ton of sunflowers and use a dartboard as your GPS?

Madeline Rhodes is the epitome of the high school villain. Even Regina George herself couldn't uppercut punch an eagle mascot with such a blend of audacity, nonchalance, and eyeliner.

Emily Kranking, Eric Folan, and Phil Lussier each bring such joy and charisma to their roles, and their presence expands a talented cast to become a fully fledged world of lovable characters.

Overall the movie is so special because of the incredible cast, and because we finally get to see disabled people on screen being HAPPY. This is almost nonexistent in other movies.

Disability exists purely as an anecdote in their world, and like all of our favorite movie-musicals, reality is suspended to create a colorful fantasy of disbelief. The entire team set out to create something new and fresh and they absolutely nailed it. Sometimes you just want a light feel-good flick, and this movie one of the best.

10 / 10

So endearing and uplifting you'll wish you were there.

A super uplifting, fun, happy go-lucky film with banging tunes that'll get stuck in your head for days and an inclusive cast that proves diversity makes everything better.