The Headless Eyes (1971)

Bo Brundin, Ramon Gordon, Kelly Swartz, Ann Wells, Larry Hunter, Linda Southern,
Poor artist gets eye gouged out while committing a robbery. When his eye heals, he goes on a killing spree and cuts out women's eyes with a spoon.
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  • Kent Bateman, Director:
  • Henri Pachard, Producer:
6 / 10


Whoa! This low-budget experiment in horror was directed by me, Kent Bateman, and with few funds, we did the best we could. Obviously, it wasn't fitted with enough blood and gore for the distributor, so the producer, Ron Sullivan, added some scenes. I only wish to make a comment on the assertion of a reviewer who erroneously referred to me, Kent Bateman, as aka Henri Pachard. Mr. Ron Sullivan, the producer of the film, aka Henri Pachard, producer of over 300 porno films, took my director's cut and added footage I never wrote or directed. This is just to set the record straight. Kent Bateman is not HENRI PACHARD. Please refer to my own IMDb listing. If you go to Henri Pachard's IMDb listing, you will see that he doesn't even list Headless Eyes as one of his films.

10 / 10

Low budget masterpiece

This movie i watched for about 8 years ago. If a movie still is very memorable after that time, it just have to be a masterpiece. It starred swedish actor Bo Brundin, who made one of his best performances ever, the scene when he waits for the elevator, about 12 feets beside the elevator is just fantastic, also the scene when he carves out one of his victims eyes and a police officer shows up, is just cinematic perfection. I believe this one is very hard to find in video shops, but if you do, just lean back and enjoy.

I gave it 10 out 10

5 / 10

Scuzzy exploitation grind-house effort

A thieving artist has his eye gouged out by a spoon when trying to rob a woman's apartment. This nutter then goes round New York killing women whose eyeballs he removes, which he uses to create a new bit of artwork back in his studio.

The Headless Eyes is pretty much an example of grind-house exploitation fodder. It's a very rough and ready flick with minimal production values. But then I guess you would expect that for a grade Z movie. However, it does at least make some attempt at being dare I say it, artistic. There are occasional interesting shots, while the music fits with the feel quite well. It has a pretty scuzzy atmosphere overall and is another that utilises the very mean streets of 70's New York to decent effect. It's a clear precursor to Abel Ferrara's very similar movie The Driller Killer which came out a few years later. Unlike that one, The Headless Eyes never did make the video nasty list, which in some ways is surprising seeing as it was available in a striking video cover on home video in early 80's Britain and it also has considerably more mean spirited violence than many films that made up that list. That said it's not exactly impressive. Quite a lot of the time it's pretty terrible in fact, especially that opening looped use of the line 'My eye! My eye!' But the griminess and rough approach do sort of work in its favour some of the time, giving it a sleazy feel that's in keeping with its overall concept.

8 / 10

Hell Yes

I randomly came across this movie when I was perusing the horror selection of a local video store. I was expecting a splatteriffic gore-fest based on the box's description, but instead I got a quirky mind-f**k with sadistic pleasures.

This movie is definitely cult and easy to despise; the acting is sub-par and some of the sound editing is questionable, but if you're into cult horror then you probably don't mind such shortcomings.

I could really feel the killer's desperation, remorse, and especially his confusion when he befriends a potential victim. It's worth watching just for the opening sequence, and the ending is nice and ironic (it actually made me laugh).

7 / 10

My Eyes, My eyes, my eyes!!!!!

Call my crazy if you wish but I LOVE HEADLESS EYES!!! Sure it is poorly edited and not technically sound, but the film is pretty good. I love the sound track. I thought the killer was interesting and did a good job with the part he was playing. The movie has some very surrealistic moments and it is never boring. I liked the understated cheap-o ending as well. There is also a couple of decent gore sequences which become creepy thanks to the performance of Bo Brundin who is very convincing as a psychopath. I loved the way he talks to the eyes that he ripped out of his victim's head! Lighten up folks, this is a great little creepy horror movie from the early 70's. The director also happens to be one of the better known porno film makers in the industry.