The Greasy Hands Preachers (2014)

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  • Arthur de Kersauson, Writer:
  • Clément Beauvais, Director:
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9 / 10

On the edge of passion

I found it very beautiful and very touching. They managed to convey a true breath of freedom. We feel good the different characters, their fragility and their humility in relation to what they do. The challenge to dedicate their life to passion, tighten all the other issues around a new center, which makes the rest derisory. It is also a beautiful object, the images are really nice, it's a kind of temporal paradox between contemporary aspect of the context and necessarily the 70's look given by the rendering of 16mm. Mixing is really very very well done. Music is also a real character of the film, you feel strong emotion related to the choice of music throughout the narrative. In short bravo, it's a very nice movie, I hope it will have a beautiful life and that it will be seen by many.