The Girl in the Window (2021)

Nicky Whelan, Haskiri Velazquez, Cleo Anthony, Austin Weyant,
After fleeing her abusive boyfriend, Ava, a pregnant woman, is rescued from a car accident by a friendly married couple. While recovering at their home, she begins to fear the couple may have a sinister plan for her and her unborn...
  • 5.0 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2022-07-17 Added:
  • Jeremy Hentschel, Anthony Del Negro, Shane O'Brien, Writer:
  • Rachel Annette Helson, Director:
  • Zach O'Brien, Producer:
7 / 10

I liked this movie!

The lead was a smart character, and the actors gave good performances. Would watch again!

1 / 10

Silly and unrealistic

I don't know how this movie got 6.3 rating!!!!

The maximum that this movie can rate is 3.

This movie is the most stupid one I ever saw. I reach up to one hour of watching and I regret every single minute i waste on this movie.

2 / 10

Poor actors and storyline

The main actress Eva didn't acted well and didn't know how to cry at the scenes plus the way she got away. The storyline could have been better since it was interesting at the beginning but than it got stupid.