The Gentleman Driver (2019)

Ed Brown, Ricardo Gonzalez, Michael Guasch, Paul Dalla Lana,
The Gentleman Driver is a movie starring Ed Brown, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Michael Guasch. The Gentleman Driver gives an inside look into the lives of four extraordinary businessmen who moonlight as race car drivers at the highest...
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  • Justin Barclay, Writer:
  • Mario Mattei, Director:
  • Bijou Finney, Beaux Jackson, Producer:


10 / 10

Passion, purpose and a need to win

This film is about so much more than the sport of racing. It's an inside view into the minds of four powerful men and the things that drive them to win races are the same drivers that put them into a stratosphere of success most will never know. Great documentary to be enjoyed by race and non-race fans alike.

10 / 10

Well worth watching.

If you're into sports car racing or anything automotive this is a really interesting watch. It follows four entrepreneurs who essentially pay to race in some of the worlds most challenging races right alongside some of the worlds best drivers. They cover how the entrepreneurs came to be, mistakes made along the way and how they got into racing. The footage & production is excellent, as well. A really fascinating documentary!

8 / 10

A very engaging watch

Motor racing is not my thing but this film had me engrossed from start to finish. I loved the psychology inserts and the personal stories of the drivers were so genuine and interesting. It was a very slick production with great camera work and commentary that made it immersive in the racing and the business lives of the drivers.

10 / 10

An inside look at the sporting lives of the super successful entrepreneurs

This movie is great for the casual motorsport fan as well as someone completely new to motorsports. For me, the most exciting part was listening and learning about the thought process behind some of the most successful business people and how their way of thinking translated to a very unique sport. Whether it's Ed Brown, Paul Dalla Lana, Mike Guasch, or Ricardo Gonzalez, each is massively successful and has a unique thought process that we can learn from to improve in business and our own working lives. The racing side makes it massively exciting and shows a very clear view of the exciting dynamics behind a sport that is oftentimes hard to touch & feel because of the many details involved and complicated technology.

5 / 10

Could be better

In my opinion, documentaries should be about showcasing extraordinary things. Highlighting stories that not many people know about or a deep dive into an incredible event. There's nothing extraordinary about 4 rich guys buying their way into racing. I'd be more interesting in a origin story of any of the professional drivers featured than how the main group spent millions to pretend to be professional. It's a 5 from me on cinematography only.