The Friend (2020)

The Friend is a movie starring Dakota Johnson, Jason Segel, and Isabella Kai. After receiving life-altering news, a couple finds unexpected support from their best friend, who puts his own life on hold and moves into their family...
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9 / 10

The best 2019 movie you will never see!

A movie that accomplished something that not many movies can....getting me emotional. I don't know what broke my heart more, the plot of the movie, that it was a real story or that the cinema was literally empty for this hidden gem!

This is my favourite film so far at the LFF. Sure, it has a pretty amazing cast, which I guess wasn't cheap, but it proves again that all you need for a great movie is a great, gripping and authentic story. Sadly, a movie like Transformers will always be more successful at the box office, but this is an industry problem. I can just recommend EVERYONE to check this movie out!

It showcases the importance of real good friends, love, compassion, death, grief, guilt, family, society and community. The fact, that this is a real story helps a lot, though I am not sure how much was added for dramatical reasons, this movie felt honest and authentic during its whole run. Yes, it is a very slow paced movie, but this is exactly what it needs to showcase the problems the characters are facing.

Beautifully written and amazingly acted, this is one of the best movies I have seen this year and I fear, that it will fall off the radar of many people, so please watch it and spread the word! These stories need to be told, shown and experienced. Sure it's not an easy watch, but its absolutely worth it, trust me!

9 / 10

The most therapeutic movie-cry I've had in years!

This is an absolutely wonderful movie and deserves a plethora of Oscar nominations (including for all three lead actors).Why in the world did this sit unreleased since premiering at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival?And why/how did a major distributer (Paramount, Fox-Searchlight, Netflix!) NOT pick it up?I'm stumped. And depressed.Maybe it's even worse out there for non-franchise/comic book movies than even I thought it was.

9 / 10

A feel good movie with terrific performances.

The movie is an authentic, beautiful and deeply powerful ode to the importance of life,friends and relationships. It has a powerhouse trio I didn't know I needed- flex their maturity as actors in such poignant, nuanced performances. Exactly what we need right now. And these type of movie deserve more recognition.

10 / 10


So heartbreaking and heartfelt at the same time, if Jason segal doesn't receive some award for this then there's something wrong with this world.

8 / 10

This one heats you in the feelings

This movie was amazing and the fact that the story was true brings me pure joy. It is in fact a painfull movie beacause the story is so relatable and real. The friendshipp the this trio is present in every scene and the way they lean on each other until the end makes you believe that you can rely on your best friend in your darkest times.

To the cast, i give an great performance. i have to guive a shout out to Jason Segel for is performance. normally i see him in great comedies but is always good to see him go in other directions .

The director was great and the screenpaly was well writen.