The Flip Side (2018)

Eddie Izzard, Luke McKenzie, Vanessa Guide, Tina Bursill,
Australian madness via the visitors-from-hell mixed with love, lust and a bloody good shiraz.
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  • Lee Sellars, Writer:
  • Marion Pilowsky, Director:
  • Sue Murray, David Willing, Producer:

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6 / 10

Definitely fit for cinema release

Set and filmed entirely in Adelaide and its surrounds, this film offers many moments of recognition for anyone who lives in or has lived in South Australia. Not a particularly memorable film but not cringingly awful either. Direction and acting are competent enough and there is a human story here that is told with a certain wry humour but with few LOL moments. (A fake boomerang that turns out to be anything but is one, and Henry's girlfriend Sophie is a hoot.) Can' t agree with the newspaper critic who thought the film should only have lasted 50-60 minutes and that it was padded with unnecessary scenes. The bowling alley scene, for example, was part of things going ever more pear-shaped for a financially stressed Ronnie, and the Q and A scene brought out what a poseur and phoney Henry was.

4 / 10

Not worth my time!

Nothing specific, just weak in general Sometimes a movie is not that good.The movie was not worth my time.

3 / 10

Absolutely not funny

I dont understand how this film is fit for cinema release? It is the most unfunny comedy I have seen recently. Not to mention zero chemistry with the cast, appalling cinematography and no sound design at all. Basically everything you would want to go to the cinema for. why oh why?!

9 / 10

A warm, charming, fun experience

I chuckled all the way through this film and enjoyed spending time with the characters. It looks great and it's a buzz seeing the South Australian locations looking so fresh. I think this will appeal to women more than men and I wonder if some of the negative reviews were by men as the film skewers male foibles and vanities rather nicely. On reflection I'd say it's a sort of comedy of manners for suburban Australia.

9 / 10

Love this film!

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. After reading such poor reviews, I didn't expect much, but found it to be rather good. The awkwardness between the players I judged to be the natural state of two couples pushed together, who don't know each other. Not to mention the natural trepidation on Ronnie's part, of being forced to be nice to someone who broke her heart. Izzard maybe could have made a little bit more of an effort - you're not that good looking Eddie. You really need to try and act a bit too! Go and see this and make up your own mind. The Southern Australian backdrop makes a pleasant change from the usual locations used in movies, and the plot line is unusually refreshing. I found myself having no idea how it would all turn out, but the ending was lovely.