The Fight Before Christmas (2021)

Follows a Christmas-loving man who gets obsessed with bringing Christmas cheer to all, and causes a fight when the homeowners' association informs him that the event he planned violates the rules of the neighborhood.
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  • Becky Read, Director:
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10 / 10

a darn good story...

And i cant wait till the sequel, triquel and quatrel shows up, just to come to an end of this the grinch vs the grumps or was it the vice versa, just to summarize the whole skit, its a big serious joke of grumpiness among people of the nation of the bold and the free and all its 794 amendments that give every american ''the right to...''

yes its a documentary, a very well made production, just like a yuletree chain of different colours and opinions, and dead stubborn neighbours that just want peace and quiet in their backyard, while mr morris griswald wants to show off his carnival of x-mas lights and gadgets.

Im a fan of light displays myself, at a lower standard then the culprit in this film, but among top 5 in consumption of electricity in the neighbourhood. Im ready to dim the lights if asked to, but i would become the usual grumpy old man that i am. The gig idea though makes me giggle, sounds more like a shilling in my own account if you search me.

This is the worst of the worst in neighbourhood disputes, you just have to watch it, i feel for both parts, and maybe its time to reel oneself out of the project and buy an empty farm instead. Its a funfare in the name of christmas, and a muddy new year to them all.

5 / 10

An ordeal to watch but timely portrait of delusional self interest

Fairly well made documentary, which I guess is why we suffered the whole thing but it also had that accident you can't look away from feel. Lot's of interviews from the effected people, with some pretty intelligent commentary about the "villain."

A sign of the times in that we have a guy who just wants to do what he wants, and the heck with everyone else in close proximity. Then, he hides behind the "personal freedom" and "religious discrimination" covers.

I'm guessing this little film won't help his lawyering business but then, this is the U. S so who knows?

7 / 10

Good story,

I'm not a fan of HOA's in the least bit but I'm even less of a fan of bullies. And even less of bullies who feel entitled to throw their weight around to get what they want and revel in wasting the time and resources of the world at large. I hope Mr. Morris watches himself in the film, reads these reviews, and takes a good long hard look in the mirror and realizes everyone knows he never acted in good faith nor is he a good Christian. News flash, Morris, Christmas isn't about lights and gross displays of entitlement and the desire to be the center of attention. It's about loving and helping OTHERS!! You could have helped so many people with the money you spent on your show.

For the record, the filmmakers did an excellent job with the story.

10 / 10

Very Interesting! Different...

Well, I thought this was wonderfully executed. Definitely falls into the category of horrible neighbor disputes. I have mixed feelings for Mr. Morris, on one hand the HOA did discriminate against him, yet while I respect his convictions his tactics were a little much. For me, its's clear the HOA thought they were being cute by sending that initial letter; and they never thought in a million years they would unleash an emotional, intellectual, monster! The hypocrisy of the judge's reversal was unbelievable ....almost like she was so frustrated that his plan was well thought out and flawlessly executed that she pretended to hear something different on those recordings (even though the neighbor lied under deposition)...ugh!

Lastly, I can't help but laugh because there were literally NO people of color in this documentary (seems comical when WP fights WP), or the fact that the neighbors were perplexed by the weaponization of social media (this was taking place during DT's reign) ... I believe a certain news channel was referenced repeatedly and they are KING of fake news (you will reap what you sow)!

1 / 10

Sorry I watched!!!!

Wished I hadn't watched. This man shows an appalling display of selfishness. Neighbors are a very important asset in life and he completely destroyed his opportunity. He should have looked for a house on many acres in the country to carry out his obsession.