The Fear Index (\N)

A scientist-turned-wall street tycoon becomes the target of a plot to destroy the world's financial markets.
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5 / 10

Just not that interesting

The production has had some money spent on it so we get great houses and shots of Geneva with the water jet. Just like the start of the Champions.

The story starts a bit slowly with the initial scenes feeling wooden and contrived. Really, Hoffmans briefing to investors should have been the opening scene. Because I was waiting for the exposition for far too long.

The supporting actors, just didn't have much to work with. As a result the cop's interest in Hoffman is not explained. There is no reason for it. Quite the contrary. He has other work to do.

The story just plods along. Frankly I didn't care enough to stick with it.

4 / 10

Much ado about nothing

If you wish to see a man got tense and frustrated, look like a moron over all 4 episodes; then try watching this. The man looked confused throughout over univariated thing which make it less than interesting. Kinda too bad, that a story with such a good promise, went into brainless dribble.

2 / 10

A great story ruined

My recommendation: skip this, read the book. If you want to watch a decent Robert Harris adaptation, try "Munich: Edge of War" on Netflix instead.

Ham-fisted direction, limp dialogue, wooden acting, over the top sound track all conspire to ruin what could have been a great thriller.

Having the lead run around pointlessly, full of angst, accompanied by loud thumping music is not a substitute for dramatic tension.

4 / 10

The Fear Index - More bearish than bullish on this one.

Another short self-contained box set series, and The Fear Index is an adaption from a curious modern financial thriller.

From the off, I have previously read the novel by the ever reliable Robert Harris but it was many years ago and I have to admit I found that I'd forgotten much of what had happened. Nevertheless I have a certain bias as I did enjoy the book and noticed some differences but not necessarily enough to derail this.

Despite that, I was kind of disappointed. There's no denying the authenticity of the settings and look of the show but it's TV drama, and the actors chosen for the roles just did not convince me they fitted the parts. With all due respect some of them were clearly in over their heads in this one, in particular the wife and the business partner.

The storyline does move at a great pace but really they struggled to capture the tension, and I don't want to give away anything so have to stop there.

It's a shame. I get the feeling this would have made a better 2 hour film in the hands of a seasoned director with a bigger budget. It worked brilliantly with the Ghost Writer which was another book by the same author with Brosnan & McGregor in the lead roles.

This is disappointing. Not by any means unwatchable, but in my opinion a really missed opportunity.

3 / 10

Flawed and spoilt by poor acting and technical errors

I didn't expect much having read some reviews, but at only 4 episodes and on an interesting topic I gave it a chance. The first couple of episodes were somewhat entertaining and the story had some promise, although marred by poor acting and overacting from the lead characters. By the final episode though the story had become farcical and cliched, and spoilt by sloppy technical design, such as the lead running a command line script that prompted for a y/n response but the script not waiting for a response and just exiting back to the shell. The AI related dialog is also inaccurate and under developed. Certain aspects of the story line don't hang together and appear to added in for padding, with some of the more interesting possibilities never really explored, and the final few minutes of ending is entirely predicable, silly and once again, technical nonsense.

My fear was when in the final few seconds I found myself saying "please no" at the possibility of the ultimate cliche ending. I'll give it a 3, but there are really no redeeming features of this, and would recommend giving it a pass.