The Fable (\N)

Sôta Fukushi, Fumino Kimura, Osamu Mukai, Jun'ichi Okada, Kôichi Satô, Yûya Yagira, Mizuki Yamamoto, Ken Yasuda,
Trained as a ruthless assassin since childhood, a mob hitman is ordered to become a normal law-abiding citizen.
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9 / 10

Unexpected Entertainer!!!

This was the second Japanese film I've watched after Rurouni Kenshin (series)... this one is a pure action/comedy entertainer. I was not expecting this out when I started this movie on Netflix.. Just enjoyed throughout. Simply storyline, but executed very well.

7 / 10

Molecule Review: The Fable / Funny, Action Drama / 7 Stars

The Fable has some really nice shots throughout the film as the central character, a professional assassin, goes on a hideout to live a normal life for a few months but is unable to and is instead driven to a world of crime again to save the lives of people he's not related with, but this time without killing a single soul. It is surprisingly funny, has a lot of action sequences, and is solidly clever in some parts, making it a fabulous experience for me. TN.

(Watched and reviewed at its India premiere at the 3rd Japanese Film Festival of India in Mumbai.)

9 / 10

Best thing i've seen on Netflix in a long time

This movie was on my watchlist for some time before i actually had the courage to start watching it.

Wasn't expecting much but the action scenes were amazing and the humour was just my thing.

The main actor delivers a splendid job portraying an estranged hitman trying to fit in.

Watched the sequel as well and I'll probably read the books now that i found out about this.

7 / 10

"It's hot!"

The Fable is a film that shouldn't work. An action-comedy based on a successful Manga series, it revolves around Akira Sato (Jun'ichi Okada), a hitman who finds himself on an unexpected holiday after his latest job. Ordered to lie low, his boss gives him strict instructions not to kill anyone for a year and try his best to live a normal life. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done with two rival assassins looking to take him out, not to mention an ambitious young gangster attempting to start a gang war. It's also not helped by the fact Sato had an...unconventional upbringing at best and isn't really sure how to behave around regular people.

The end result is a film that's very silly, delighting in scenes of a stone-faced killer struggling to socialise with his new co-workers and avoid blowing his cover. Okada's deadpan performance is great, watching him work out how to eat fish in public and delighting in the antics of a childish comedian raises a few laughs and the film is consistently entertaining.

The comedy however is noticeably at odds with the violence. The opening gun battle is a blood-splattered introduction and there's a fast-paced brawl in a factory towards the end which is wildly impressive. The psychotic villains and references to sex trafficking also mean The Fable is only a whisker away from being a very dark film indeed. Sato's social awkwardness is endearing, but when he's blowing holes in torsos and gunning down gangsters en masse, he's borderline inhuman.

The two styles shouldn't mesh but strangely, they do. The Fable winds up being surprisingly enjoyable. It isn't as funny as it wants to be and it definitely handles the action better than the comedy, but for a good seventy percent of the run time, it's a blast.

8 / 10

This was a pleasant surprise

Very seldom I watch Japanese movies. I gave this a shot, never heard of any actors or director and didn't know about the manga. It was a pleasant surprise. Very engaging characters, odd stories, very sweet fun humor.

The story is a about an mythical assasin "The Fable" - his real name Sato. He is taking a sabbatical year in another town together with his companion Yoko. He is struggling to live a normal life, but of course other criminals and assasins cannot leave him alone.

The pace of the movie is perfect. The story is bound in the everyday life they are trying to live. This gives them so much more character and depth than a typical action movie. The action is also very well done with some nice unique moments, and it is always mixed with their personal traits and interactions.

This is a light movie in many ways, both visually with much of the shots done during daytime, when it comes to the motives and actions of the warm hearted characters and with some very sweet humor. I strongly recommend it.