The End of April (2017)

Ji-Soo Park, Bit-na Lee, So-yeon Jang, Kyung-Sook Jo, Min-soo Sung, Wan-pyo Hong, Hyuk Lee, Yong-nyeo Lee,
Sawoleuiggeut is a movie starring Ji-Soo Park, Bit-na Lee, and So-yeon Jang. Hyun-jin, moved into a worn-down apartment in a small town, has trouble sleeping at night due to the noise from her next-door neighbor.
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8 / 10

leaves you with a haunting feeling

First i thought it was a horror film and it actually has many scenes make you think it is one, because it is very creepy. it moves slowly but intense. the story is very interesting and it weighs on you after the film has ended. you can't quite get a grip on the characters, to figure out what is behind it all, so it stays suspensful all the way through. i really liked it. it was like the mixture of psycho, horror and sociocritical drama.

6 / 10

Nice storyline

First of all, I must say I'm not a fan of psychological thriller such as this movie. I find the story intriguing and suspenseful. It's also very creepy and gives you horror movie vibe or haunted apartment vibe. In the first half of the movie, you'd still enjoy all the creepiness. Starting the latter half, you'll start to wonder what exactly is the movie trying to convey. And you still won't get it until the last 30 minutes. Although I enjoy much of the story itself, I think the ending lacks something. As if there's something missing. And it's not enough for me. But overall, I guess, it's worth to watch if you have nothing else to watch.

8 / 10

Never thought i'd say this but..

Don't believe the 5.5 rating, just watch it and make up your own mind.