The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone (2022)

Filmed over 10 years, this film leads us into the elliptical memories of Georgie Stone, one of the world's most dynamic trans-kid activists, as she changes laws, affirms her gender and for the first time, gains control of her own ...
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  • Maya Newell, Director:
  • Matthew Bate, Sophie Hyde, Lisa Sherrard, Producer:


8 / 10

Powerful and important

Filmed over several years. The ever important voice of the trans community is told through the experience of Georgie Stone.

Not just a story of her gender reassignment but a story of a young woman and fighting for what she believes in.

An empowering short documentary that is a must watch.

10 / 10

Beautiful and moving

This documentary is incredible - Georgie shares her journey so bravely supported by her amazing family and Maya Newell weaves the footage together seamlessly. This film is so moving, so important and I hope everyone chooses to watch it.

10 / 10

Beautiful and Empowering

Georgie has a beautiful story and I'm glad they are letting people see it. Letting trans people tell their own stories is a perspective that is very often ignored.

This shows bits of her journey and her activism in Australia where the courts were very much involved with each and every trans person's lives. It's a quick story and is easy to engage with. My favorite part was seeing how much support that Georgie has from her family. There is so much love in their eyes when they look at her, every kid deserves that. Watching her move into adulthood, take on her career, and advocate for herself is pure joy. Definitely recommended.

9 / 10

A careful handling of a sensitive issue

Only the most close-minded people could be offended by this story. Maya Newell, a director with experience of transgender issues, has shown us some insight into a remarkable young girl/lady. We are lucky that there is footage of 9 year old Georgie sharing parts of her story enabling us to see the dilemma and the trauma that trans kids can feel. The contributions from her parents and twin brother, although brief, help build that story. But Georgie is the real superstar - a young lady who put herself through a court case that had the potential to change the lives for the better of thousands of kids. No spoiler - watch the doco to see whether she was successful. I highly recommend this short film, created over ten years, and handled with great sensitivity.

7 / 10

Child abuse

Why do people keep making this seem normal it's not. This short movie shows a mental ill boy that needs a real psychiatrist to get the real mental health help he needs. His parents are child abusers and need to but in prison. This short movies shows you how we are hurting our youths minds be giving in to there most wild out of control fantasies. It's sad to see how even quack doctors go along with this just to make money. If you looks this up it's all about the money parents making money off a mental illness that their kid. This shows you we need real doctors in the medical field not the crazy Doctors in this film.