The Dog Lover (2016)

James Remar, Lea Thompson, Jayson Blair, Allison Paige,
Sara Gold is a rising star at the United Animal Protection Agency (UAPA), a major animal rights organization that conducts animal rescues and lobbies for better animal welfare laws. Handpicked for a major assignment, Sara goes...
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8/10 / 10

If The Dog Lover is trying to hide its agenda it's not doing too good ajob of it. It's a slightly creepy film to watch because it does nothingshort of attack government funded protection agencies for going afterdog breeders in general. Are all dog breeders evil? Is every group thatdisagrees with your views 100% evil? Not likely but who really knowsfor sure outside of their own experience. Are protection agenciesspotless in their record of protecting animals? I don't know thateither.

There are a lot of *suspicious* facts surrounding this movie, from thefunding by a very well known opponent to Animal Cruelty bills to thefact that the ASPCA monitored "some" of the animal action in this film(haven't seen that one before and it gives me pause).

It is interesting how viciously this film has been attacked in themainstream media with very little convincing non-hystericaljustification beyond its controversial message. The acting is on thewhole very good and the script does a damn good job at presenting aplausible scenario for mismanagement by government funded agencies.

If you go into this film with a closed mind it's only going to enrageyou. It actually made me consider the other side of this issue. Did itconvince me that all animal breeding is bad? No. Did it turn me againstthe ASPCA? Definitely not.

I do believe that all zealotry --- for any side --- is unwise and thismovie did confirm that belief. I'd want to know more about both sidesof this argument before I'd support either one, but as a piece ofcompelling storytelling, it works. It held my interest and made me wantto know more.

Keep in mind when you read any hyper emotional review of this film thatwhat you're being asked to do is simply think for yourself. I can thinkof worse ways to spend your time and money. Yes, you're probably givingmoney to the breeders if you rent or buy this film, but I'd be shockedif this film paid for itself, frankly. And the protection agencies havemore than enough support to wage a counter attack. I'd love to heartheir side of the issue as well. I'm waiting.

7/10 / 10


A refreshing look at the immoral politics of the so-called"animal-rights" industry (and yes it's an industry). Acting is good.Cast is good. Story is overall entertaining and kept my interest.


Yes, it is a bit one-sided, but only inasmuch as it fails to portraythe other side as one-dimensional as the truly are. Sorry, but no PETA(they use a different name, but we all know who they are referring to)activist would be that committed to fairness and truth. These peopleare radicals that care nothing for truth, as is abundantly illustratedby many of the negative reviews of this movie on this site. The writersused the term "livelihood" a bit too much. It may be a selling point tosome people, by but-and-large it's a weak argument, or secondary atbest.


It's way, waaay to close to the horrible, ugly truth. PETA actuallydoes stuff like that. They slaughter thousands of animals each year(, many are healthy, adoptable dogsand cats. They don't "love" animals; they love the money they bilk fromgullible people who fall for their con.

9/10 / 10

Yes, this film does seem like just another lifetime/moral-imperativeb-film for the first half... Was watching with my wife and friends, andhalfway through, that was exactly what i thought.

Fortunately, I am married. Due to my love for her and my passion forthe truth (as she had argued that it was worth a watch... and idisagreed halfway through...nearly questioning more than the movie), Ibegan to feel a huge knot in my stomach.

I began to feel a knot in my stomach that I hadn't felt in a while...Finally. Finally. A great gut-wrenching drama.

Regardless of the truth involved, this movie forces me to questionmyself and our American culture...

They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and the movieposter/theme picture has really really big claims on it that sound somoral imperative Christian i would not have watched this all...

i am glad i did.

Johnny 5 said it best.... More input.

HIts the mark. Comes through with what is promised on the posterpicture.

One of the first movies i have seen this year that i am glad i stuckthrough... because it now makes me question what made me question thismovie to begin with..

10/10 / 10

If you're a dog lover, I highly recommend this film. Very moving with agreat pay-off at the end. Really exposes the truth about someorganizations. This would be a good family movie, it's educational andalso interesting. It brings about the debate on puppy mills and willgive you insight on what some are really about. The good people outthere follow the law and get punished for it, while those who mistreatand abuse animals go unnoticed. It's an unfair system that needsrecognition and this movie brought awareness to it. It makes youquestion people's motives and what cause they're really fighting for. Iwould definitely watch this film again

10/10 / 10

"The Dog Lover" brings us into the true world of America's animalrights movement, their organizations, and their ultimate deceptions.There are sub-standard, unregulated, puppy mills which we all agreeshould be shut down. However, rather than targeting these dreadfuloperations, American's animal rights organizations choose to fabricatefalse charges on highly visible and regulated professional breeders.

The Dog Lover also gives viewers a front row seat inside many of thechallenges animal husbandry faces on a daily basis. Producers ForrestLucas and Ali Afshar certainly dedicated a great amount of time toobtain the depth of knowledge necessary to recreate such an accuratedepiction of this true story.

This movie is a must see for all. Encourage your family, friends, civicorganizations, and lawmakers to see the insightful movie… The DogLover!