The Devil in the Room (2020)

Darlin Barry, Chris Cox, Skye Coyne, Kate Darby,
The Devil in the Room is a movie starring Darlin Barry, Chris Cox, and Skye Coyne. A young couple look to prevent an evil spirit from trapping their souls in the realm between sleep and reality.
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  • Kellan Rudnicki, Writer:
  • Sami Cunningham, Brendan Rudnicki, Director:
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10 / 10

Spooky, I loved it

Really cool storyline, loved the twist at the end! Definitely would recommend checking it out.

10 / 10

Very interesting concept

I really enjoyed the overall theme of lack of sleep and sleep paralysis that stuff is always scary for me.

8 / 10

Really Terrifying

The acting was somewhat terrible, but the horror was actually really really good. Several parts I was absolutely terrified. The creepy music really added to it. It reminded me of the person from Ingenious

6 / 10

Good story and music

I really enjoyed this film but the acting is off-putting at times. It reminded me of 'A Dark Song' and Insidious so if you enjoy either of these films check this out.