The Detective Is in the Bar (2011)

Yô Ôizumi, Ryûhei Matsuda, Koyuki, Toshiyuki Nishida,
In the Susukino red light district of Sapporo, a private detective (Yo Oizumi) drinks alcohol with his driver Takada (Ryuhei Matsuda) in his favorite bar. There he receives a phone call from a woman who identifies herself as Kyoko...
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  • Naomi Azuma, Ryôta Kosawa, Yasushi Sutô, Writer:
  • Hajime Hashimoto, Director:
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8 / 10

A detective tries to solve his newest case while attempting to uncover the identity of his mysterious employer

The other user review contains a major spoiler, please do not read it if you plan to watch this film! If you already read it, I'd still recommend watching it.

An excellent detective story with a fair amount of well placed humor. The interactions between the protagonist and his parter are excellently written/acted, which really sets this movie up to be great. The cinematography and background music work together perfectly.

The action is a bit cheesy at times, but it's entertaining nonetheless. As far as the title of the film goes, it's a bit odd because it is the direct translation from Japanese to English. Give it a shot!

6 / 10

Okay but too long

It starts out very funny and entertaining, there are charismatic characters and appealing cinematography, but the movie loses steam about halfway through. There just wasn't enough tension, action, character development or intrigue in the story to keep me captivated. It just dragged on at a very slow pace. They should have cut off half an hour too.

I've seen worse though, so I'll probably check out part 2 as well.