The Delightful Forest (1972)

Lung Ti, Mu Chu, Ching Tien, Feng Yu,
Wu Sung, a military swordmaster, is acused of murdering his adulterous sister-in-law and a thug, and sent to exile in Meng Chou. At the prison camp, Shih En, son of the camp commander, intercedes in his favour, to spare him the hu...
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  • Shu Mei Chin, Kuang Ni, Nainan Shi, Writer:
  • Cheh Chang, Hsueh Li Pao, Director:
  • Runme Shaw, Producer:
7 / 10

"The world and time do not exist when one is intoxicated". Sums up this movie too!

Don't blink and the first face you will see on screen is Lau Kar-Wing, perhaps the number two greatest man in the history of martial arts movies. He is the brother of Lau Kar-Leung, the man I consider the number one greatest man in the history of martial arts movies. The opening fight supports my opinion.

Ti Lung plays a character (Wu Song) known as "Tiger Killer". Captain Obvious knows how he got that alias. If you need the whole story watch the 1982 Shaw Brothers movie "Tiger Killer". This character also goes on as one of the 108 heroes in "The Water Margin". He is promptly arrested after getting his revenge in the opening scene. He then wears a cangue while walking off to prison. The cangue is supposed to keep him from fighting. Instead, it provides a formidable weapon.

The fights with Ti Lung in the cangue are superb. A note to all viewers - keep in mind how difficult it must have been for Ti Lung to avoid injuring himself with that around his neck and hands. Balance would be hard to maintain and difficult to recover without going to the ground. Hitting the ground with that cangue restraining the hands and neck could make the simplest fall injurious.

The cangue and the character are the two factors that make this movie. The excellent performance by Ti Lung accomplishes both. "The world and time do not exist when one is intoxicated", says Ti Lung and that totally applies to watching this movie.

8 / 10

Suspenseful and Powerful

You never know what's going to happen next in "The Delightful Forest", and to top it off, the protagonist Wu Song, a well-respected hero gone rogue, is just as unpredictable. The film also reached its conclusion with time and care, not feeling rushed like other Shaw Bros. films during the 70's era.

The casting is great, with Ti Lung, still acting to this day, running a one-man show in "The Delightful Forest", and supporting actors that provide a great cohesive atmosphere.

The action in this film is one of a kind, with the most impressive being Ti Lung's talent to fight with chains around his legs and a Cangue around his head and wrists. What appears to be his restriction turns out to be an asset, and it's very fun to watch. The film's production is very high as well, maximizing Shaw Bros. studio resources with destroying multiple sets and employing countless extras.

The only criticism I have is finding some of the music and sound effects to be a bit over the top and distracting. But the film places a great significance and presence of a "Martial Arts World", as significant physical prowess can allow men to become beasts, and likewise allowing man to overcome real ones, becoming Gods among men.