The Days of Noah: The Flood (2019)

THE DAYS OF NOAH series investigates the revealing prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation to uncover as never before, the Truth about the Ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into i...
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10 / 10

Excellent & eye opening

Great series, factual and entirely Biblical & backed up with Bible references and texts. It was fun and educational to look up things as I watched. A must see for anyone.

10 / 10


This documentary reveals the true facts backed by science and the Bible. Those who do not want to accept these truths need to read Walt Brown's book "In the Beginning" and also the KJV Bible.

Walt was a geologist who was a devout Atheist, who swore the Grand Canyon was millions of years old.

He would argue with and belittle anyone who stated differently.

Since he was so absolutely sure in his beliefs about such, yet had admitted that he had not done any of the research that led to the scientific conclusion that the canyon was millions of years old, he was sternly challenged by a close friend of his to definitively explain and show the proof of why he believed the Grand Canyon was millions of years old rather than less than 10,000 years old as some other geologists had discovered. Walt took up the challenge and said he would prove his point.

After Walt did a full investigation of his own in the canyon himself, not only did he prove the canyon and the earth as we know it today was less than 10,000 years old since God said "Let there be light", but he also proved that the earth HAD TO HAVE HAD a highly intelligent sentient being for the earth to have been created the way it was created. He proved that thousands upon thousands of almost impossible things would have had to come into existence at the exact same moment in time and that all these things would have had to be put into action in an extremely balanced, harmonic and stable manner with a precise and perfect timing for all these things to be held together in the precision way they are found today. He proved that there simply can be no other possibility. Walt not only had to admit that God, whom we also know as our creator, absolutely has to exist and that due to the way it all stays precisely balanced, this powerful and highly intelligent sentient being still has to maintain constant control over it all or it will come flying apart. Walt became a devout Christian too.

So, what this Documentary shows is the real truth. The scoffers to this truth, as usual, have fallen to the brainwashing party line of what has been repetitively input into our minds and beliefs since 1844 when Satan began his big reset in substituting his version of creativity for the real way it actually was.

"Follow the Science" is not the thing to do when that science conflicts with the actual WORD OF GOD.

Science's actual beginnings came out of trying to prove the Bible was wrong, yet every time they try to prove the Bible wrong, despite their own bias, they end up proving the Bible to be exactly right.

You would think they would learn from their mistakes over time, but hey, they know if they repeat the same things with conviction and enthusiasm enough times, they can brainwash and deceive anyone and they know that most people today don't really care about taking the time to learn the real truth and knowledge. Remember the verse in Hosea in which God said His people will perish for lack of knowledge. Crowd mentality will send many over the cliffs in these end days.

You are already being rewarded for going along with their lies and and soon you will be punished for stating the truth.


10 / 10

Excellent information

At first, I thought this was going to have far fetched story lines, but the connection to the evidence of the flood being worldwide was very clear. I believe they showed the Grand Canyon because the layers are easy for us to see (and not have to imagine). They make great points...especially about France and how the 'religious church' turned people away with their tyranny in the dark ages. That part of history is important to the current beliefs of our culture and is well explained.

10 / 10

Heed to the warnings!

This series is a must watch. It is very disheartening to know that people are still arrogant even after viewing the documentary. This is not the time to play around with your salvation. Now is the time to truly seek the Father and The Holy Spirit will reveal ALL truth unto us if we only pick up the Word and sincerely seek wisdom and understanding. Please fellow brothers and sisters do not find yourself and family on the outside of the ark!

10 / 10

Informative, scientific, and biblical

This documentary was very informative. It broke down scientific reasoning and biblical studies, fantastic.