The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021)

Antonia Whillans, Danielle Scott, Chris Cordell, Nicola Wright,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and he's back in the form of a doll that belongs to a woman with dementia who starts to recall his dark past.
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2 / 10

Only got to about an hour because I was busy.

A child caring for their parent (typically a mother) suffering from dementia has been done far better in horror before. This movie makes me think of a film like The Taking of Deborah Logan. Family conflict horror dramas are a popular subgenre right now (e.g., Hereditary), but like any trend, there are highs and lows. This is definitely a low.

I don't mind a slow burn, but there's a slow burn and then there's just tedium. And you know it's real tedium when the film finally gets to the "scary" parts and it's still tedious. The actors and the writing aren't compelling enough to draw me into liking/empathizing with this family. The only one kind of likable is the mother, and that's really because you're sympathetic to those dealing with her medical condition by default. In The Taking of Deborah Logan, the actress was very charming and good-natured and classy when she was herself, and her daughter's laid-back personality coupled with her sincere, heartbreaking concern for her mother kept you engaged in between the scares. This film did not.

This is not a scary movie by any means. Not even close. There is no tension. When the puppet transforms, it's too conventional to be scary. And it's too bland and detached to be touching/bittersweet/heart-breaking in the interim between attacks. The costume design was awful, especially for the scheming sister in law. What in the world were they thinking? I don't even think there was an actual costume designer because the clothes were clearly not tailored.

Anyway, all this movie did was make we want to watch The Taking of Deborah Logan again. If there are any positives, I would say that the puppet looks pretty good (in its normal state), and the actress playing the mom is passable (if not good enough to make what she's going through sad).

8 / 10

This was great.

I get the low reviews; this is not the low budget Child's Play people expect. This is more of a moody psychological thriller that includes murders and an absolutely nasty puppet. There's much more to it but that would spoil the fun.

This is a smart movie, with a silly dumb cover. Kinda like people watched Empty Man expecting it to be I know What You Did Last Summer.

7 / 10

Creepy, but hard to follow...

I enjoyed this movie...let's get that straight right now. I see a doll turn it's head on it's own...I'm about to pee my pants. My brother is worse than me. He told me himself that he's rather fight Satan himself than be locked in a room full of dolls. This Humpty Dumpty doll is VERY creepy and this woman who's memory is leaving her sue to dementia just have to have this doll she sees in a local store because she thinks her late husband gave it to her as a present. Want to know more? WATCH THE MOVIE! If you follow me, you know I don't do spoilers. It's really worth the watch. Peace.

6 / 10

Pretty decent movie, better than expected.

So I was expecting the movie to be a B grade horror, one of those movies so stupid it's funny, but it wasn't at all.

But it was unexpectedly a decent movie.

Worth watching, the acting was good, and the story was pretty good too.

2 / 10

Absolutely horrendous

I'm almost lost for words. I've seen some bad movies in my time, especially horror ones, this could actually be the very worst. I'll give it a generous two instead of one only because admittedly I have seen worse acting but that's not saying a lot really. I'd rather watch paint dry honestly. How I badly wish I could get that 90 minutes of my life back.