The Counterfeiters of Paris (1961)

Jean Gabin, Martine Carol, Françoise Rosay, Bernard Blier,
Le cave se rebiffe is a movie starring Jean Gabin, Martine Carol, and Fran?oise Rosay. "Le Dabe" retired many years ago and now he lives in the Tropics where he owns stables and horses. He is a very rich man. He was the king of all...
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7 / 10

Average old style gangster movie with marvelous dialogs

The movie in itself is nothing special : a gangster movie, directed in a classic and worn-out way, with no specific directing whatsoever. And with a slow pace - in French, we will say a movie "à la papa", meaning a cinema made with too much comfort.But we have some of the best Audiard's dialog and one-liners and that changes everything!Gabin, Blier, and the rest of the cast, pretty decent, helps as well, but without the chiseled lines from Audiard, it would have just been average.

8 / 10

Ill-gotten gains never prosper

'Touchez-pas au Grisbi' was the first in the Max le Menteur trilogy of Albert Simonin. The film under review is the second and 'Les Tontons Flingueurs' the third.All three adaptations have dialogue by the great Michel Audiard.This is the eighth collaboration of director Gilles Grangier with the irrepressible Jean Gabin whose career had been revitalised by 'Grisbi' in 1956. He has here one of his best roles of the 1960's as a master counterfeiter.There is tremendous support from Bernard Blier, Frank Villard, Balpetre, Martine Carol, Ginette Leclerc and the imperious Francoise Rosay. It is Gabin who is gifted the best lines notably 'the greatest failed businesses are built on trust'!Extremely entertaining with never a dull moment. Comedy is a serious business of course but I would like to think that the cast had as much fun in making this film as I had in watching it.

7 / 10

Rather a spoof

Made by Gilles Grangier, a minor director whose films were not that bad ,"Le Cave Se Rebiffe" was a bit tongue in chick ,not to be taken seriously.Maurice Biraud was a touching character,lost in a world of crooks,counterfeiters and traitors.

Michel Audiard -who finally began to direct his own movies in the late sixties:"Faut Pas Prendre Les Enfants Du Bon Dieu Pour Des Canards Sauvages" starring Fran?oise Rosay ,etc-came up with some of his best lines .

My favorite line:Gabin comes to see Rosay and asks her for some "paper" for his job (forger).But the merchandise does not satisfy him and he answers: You can use them as paper cones of chips!(=bags of chips) Not much food for thought but very funny and entertaining.

8 / 10

The Master Forger Comes to Town

It has been many years since I saw this film, and I keep hoping I will run into it again somewhere. I was struck by two unusual aspects.

First, the film appears to show considerable detail about the actual production of counterfeit Dutch currency, almost as if it were a step by step introduction for aspiring forgers of the 1960s.

Second, Jean Gabin as the master forger does not simply outwit the local police and leave his would-be accomplices empty-handed, but then calmly makes for the airport with a suitcase full of real currency. Like a businessman who has had a satisfying overseas trip, he settles back without a care in the world while his plane wafts him to some tropical paradise where there will be no pesky European police to ask questions.

All in a good week's work, the film seems to conclude.

9 / 10

Fine distribution of actors, many laughs

Someone made me discovered this film emphasizing on the beautiful dialogs and the strong performance of Mr Jean Gabin. Being a huge fan of the film makers next greater success' "les tontons flingueurs", I was not reluctant at all to watch this movie. These aging gangster movies play with the morals of that earlier time. Subsequently it's OK to cheat on your husband and to have your house in a former "bordel" and of course all your long time friends are geniuses in the world of crime. The viewer enjoys a nice feeling of coolness and simplicity watching the actors displaying their lives. The introduction to the characters is also very interesting, allowing Mr Gabin a honorable entry in the plot. And of course each character has his own memorable quotes : *[...] and if I went on with psychoanalysis, I'd say he's the king of fools!". * "- In pure theory how much could we hope for with that counterfeit? - 20 years! Profit splits, imprisonment adds up" I would not want to finish this review without raising my hat to Bernard Blier, a huge "supporting actor with the charisma of a main character". His nonchalant act is great and honest. He belongs to the few artists who know how to catch your attention with an indescribable magnetism. Hope you enjoy it too.