The Commando (2022)

Mickey Rourke, Brendan Fehr, Michael Jai White, Jeff Fahey,
A DEA agent with PTSD returns home after a botched mission and must now protect his family from a home invasion after a recently freed convict and his henchmen come after their stash of millions inside of the agent's home.
  • 3.3 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2022-01-07 Added:
  • Al Bravo, Koji Steven Sakai, Writer:
  • Asif Akbar, Director:
  • Elias Axume, Philip Tan, Producer:


4 / 10

Slow pace

Ha ha ha, Mickey Rourke has pumped so many fillers, I think he uses the same surgeon as Val Kilmer as they now look similar. Michael Jai White obviously hasn't kept up with his workout regime, I'm guessing that he enjoys puddings. The movie missed its mark, sadly. I found the pace a little slow and too many long winded scenes that did nothing for the movie. After the 10:30 mark I couldn't take this seriously. I don't think that I'll be recommending this.

1 / 10

Not what I expected

....just a lot worse. The Movie Albeit could have had Potential but this played out like a pretty bad B Movie at best. The Actors other than Jai White,Rourke and Fahey all looked like they had one screen test and we're just hired on the Spot.

Rourke Seriously looks cosmetically like things just went from bad to worse over the years and I Still never understand why these people do these things to their Faces and Bodies in the USA. He actually looks Scary!!! Maybe a Horror Genre May suit him these days.

Jai White I know is getting on in years now and although I've a lot of respect for most of the movies he's done this one he should have passed on. At some point watching this I almost expected Steven Seagal to make an appearance as it has the same style to the repetitive bad Movies he churned out over the last few years.

A Harsh Review I know but deservedly so in my opinion. Watch it and you will agree.

2 / 10

Truly mediocre with far too much botox and filler

Mickey Rourke has become almost unrecognizable, with his mouth and face resembling your typical Hollywood starlet crossed with Val Kilmer sporting aged tanned skin. If he's sporting a 6 pack, it looks more like he's been drinking them. He's clearly the best actor in this film, with a number of bit players (like the parole board) who appear to be bargain basement amateurs to save money on this low budget bore.

Michael Jai White continues to have his career plod through films far too terrible for his talent and, alas, he too is starting to show some middle age, slowness, and lacking that super quick, powerful badassery that was his trademark. He looks like he's added some middle age heft in his midsection.

And then there is the script, typical, lazy crap that makes you wonder why these writers still exist in Hollywood. Funny stuff like a man who is still haunted by his missions, taking his pistol and shooting up the wall in his sleep - coincidentally at the exact same time some baddies are reconning his house... oh boy. After the first half hour, it was clear this slow burner was a real loser with some reasonably well known names. Yawner.

It's so bad that even Michael Jai White's martial arts are non-existent. You can see the choreography going in slow motion. Since MJW seems unable to pull off what he was known for, the camera does cut shots of results, like leg hitting head instead of showing MJW executing a simple hook kick. It's a phoned in performance with Rourke walking through his sleep in Expendables mode. This movie is totally dispensible.

3 / 10

As swollen as Mickey's face.

At a trim 93 minutes, this movie felt like it was over 2 hours. Bad writing and wooden acting didn't help it either. Ludicrous action scenes and too many subplots kept this movie bouncing around like a pinball trying to stay alive in an arcade. Unfortunately, all it can register is a big 'TILT'.

3 / 10


I'vr enjoyed many of Michael Jai White's movies but not this one. He seemed to phone in his performance. Mickey Rourke was almost unrecognizable and moved robotically. The script was predictable and the dialogue awkward.