The Cat (2011)

Min-Young Park, Dong-wook Kim, Ye-ron Kim, Min-jae Kim, Da-eun Sin, Minyoung Park,
A young woman is murdered on an elevator and the only witness is her cat Bidan. Her friend So-yeon brings the cat home and wild and disturbing things begin to happen.
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7 / 10

KK (Korean Kitten)-Horror !

Cats are sinister creatures in horror tales. And director Byun did a good job in exploiting this matter in this film. The cat related shocks are combined with more traditional Asian ghost film motifs, with a bob-haired child ghost providing most of the scares and sudden jump frights. There are also a few gruesome moments and effective jolts scattered throughout. A couple of neatly staged mass feline attack sequences and the ghost getting the chance to use some nasty looking face shredding claws. All of this works pretty well. Overall, this is a beautiful K-Horror. Expect nothing new or exceptional. The story was pretty simple & decently plotted with a typical Asian flavor. Loved it.

7 / 10

Cats Need Not Watch This Emotionally Powerful, Character Driven Feature

Why do I rate The Cat so highly? In no way is this the scariest film I have ever watched, nor is it the greatest. But the acting, coupled with the feature's ability to blend great emotional depth, alongside developed characterization, a mesmerizing plot and a spooky atmosphere, make this a film that certainly ought to be experienced.

Slightly similar to the Grudge and Dark Water, the title of the film should have been pluralized, because there sure are a lot of puddy cats that occupy the feature. So-yeon (Min-Young Park) works at Kitty N Puppy, a pet store that not only sells animals, but is dedicated to the grooming and cleaning of our four legged friends.

Suffering the affects of claustrophobia after experiencing a childhood trauma, So-yeon goes out of her way to ensure her life is free of the obstacles that heighten her condition. The fear she often feels is well articulated on screen, and is further accentuated through the terror that begins to haunt her so.

After Silky, a cat So-yeon recently pampered inexplicably dies, the cat finds herself temporarily without a home. Her friend, Jun-seok (Dong-wook Kim), a police officer investigating the peculiar death, asks her to take Silky in for the time being. Immediately after So-yeon agrees, she finds herself plagued by nightmares, and whilst awake sees images of a little girl.

Unlike stereotypical Asian horror, the ghost of the young girl is not equipped with a head of hair in need of immediate trimming. Rather, what separates her from other ghosts are her unique cat eyes, and even when she is hiding in the darkness, those eyes of hers, so bright and haunting, are clearly visible, and add to the feeling of being watched. This is further implied by the camera, which is occasionally from the perspective of the girl herself. The way the ghost is portrayed, and how she can unexpectedly jump out at the audience is excellently developed, providing a good number of jump scares.

When So-yeon's friend Bo-hee (Da-eun Sin), alongside other people who encounter cats they bring into their lives, begin to witness the ghost as well, it becomes clear that she is no illusion. When people's lives begin to be put in jeopardy, So-yeon discovers she is going to have to combat her own fears if it means uncovering the truth behind the ghost, and the connection with the cats.

Unlike other horror films, where deaths are often the same, though there is more than one occasion when a body is contorted in terrifying fear, other times the deaths are quite surprising, with some combined originality. Though it becomes predictable to know when a character will die, it is how, that will always keep your interest.

Though the Cat is not the most terrifying feature ever encountered, despite the effective ambiance, what audiences will occasionally find most shocking is the treatment cats receive when in the care of animal shelters and other such accommodations. The lacking dignity and humility provided to the cats really hits home about the cruelty that takes place behind closed doors, and one scene, when a cat is put to sleep, the look of terror upon the poor animal's face is wretchedly heartbreaking. In this sense, The Cat is a film that requires viewing, if not for the story or character relationships, then for the brutal honesty of the environments cats are often forced to endure.

The Cat is bound to keep you on edge from the opening credits, through to the final scene, the tension and mystery surrounding the plot been pivotal to the success of the movie. The emotional depth is as equally satisfactory, and by the film's conclusion, you will want to curl up next to your kitten and give them a great big hug.

9 / 10

Korea: Keeping the Horror Flame Burning

Dark Water is one of my favourite movies, and as far as I know it was the first of these "ghost with a grudge that randomly kills people" films that have been pouring out of Asia. The Cat is a pretty unashamed ripoff of Dark Water which should probably have annoyed me, but it was done well and managed to carry the same dark atmosphere.

The main girl is pretty, likable, and somewhat sympathetic. Her father has been institutionalised, she suffers from claustrophobia, and she works in a pet shop with a rather dysfunctional and mean owner. Yet she pushes on and still manages to find things that make her smile. The ghost is a little girl with green cat eyes who periodically launches herself at the screen making you scream out "ARGH! STOP DOING THAT!" Her story doesn't unfold quite as smoothly as it does in other films of this genre, but as always it is slow, sad, thoughtful, and perfect for a gloomy Sunday night. This is a Horror as it should be. Do not expect much cheer.

If someone copies your favourite album and the songs are good chances are you're still going to listen to it. If you liked some of the other Asian ghost stories that have come out you'll probably like this too.

7 / 10

Solid if unremarkable South Korean ghost effort

Taking on a strange Persian cat, a troubled woman begins to find that the series of strange events surrounding her and her friends is related to a mysterious cat that she sold in a pet shop and must find the cause of the events before they succumb to its power.

This one wasn't all that bad of an effort. What this one really gets right is the rather enjoyable and overly impressive amount of accidental deaths featured here which really signify her being haunted. The fact that this one pretty early on features the idea that the woman is tormented, there's a great deal of fun to be had here with the changeover in the animals' behavior around her from the way the cats suddenly begin to cower away in fear and start viciously hissing at her which is quite nicely established here by being such a change of pace compared to previous interactions she's had with the animals that it becomes worthy of mention. Other great stuff includes the work of the ghosts in how they're targeting others around her, which includes some rather fun times with the initial elevator encounter that starts it all to the rather freaky sequence in the bedroom of the ghost emerging from the closet which becomes part of the big payoff at the hospital that is rather good. Given that the majority of this is carried off with the police investigation which brings about a lot of great stuff as well from the discovery of the elevator victims' fate to the individual hauntings threatening the different officers involved who are brought onto the case who suffer some really brutal fates themselves. From being trapped in the elevator shaft to finding themselves face-to- face with the ghost in the basement furnace and the one detective coming across the girl alone in the storage room, there's plenty of solid scares to work off of while still maintaining a solid enough mystery that needs to be investigated themselves which is a nice enough story. Going alongside this with the rather creepy ghost with the blackened skin and utterly creepy cat eyes the film does have a lot to really like here even if it does have a few flaws. The film's biggest issue is the fact that this one is so utterly played out and repetitive in it's dishing out of scares that it really feels way too familiar quite easily. This one really falls on the trapped character alone in a room only to find themselves beset by loud noises or startling light and then meeting up with the killer ghost which sounds decent enough for the most part if it didn't run through a vast majority of these tricks elsewhere. These scenes are a rather troubling rehash of a lot of genre efforts and it doesn't do a whole lot of interesting things with these tactics to really stand out. The last flaw here is the rather troubling reasons why the girl ends up with the cat in the first place as there's no real logical reason why they place the cat in her possession when she's unrelated to her and had no connection at all other than grooming the animal so it's pretty contrived how the murders here actually get started. Otherwise, this one was quite decent.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence, Language, children-in-jeopardy and strong animal abuse.

7 / 10

seen it all before

There was a time when everybody was looking forward for the new South-Korean horror or Japanese flick or Eastern horror. We all remembered how The Grudge and The Ring did showed us something new. But of course after a while you have seen it all. And I am a bit fed up with that genre. It's always the same, some creepy white faced girl coming out of the dark with black eyes and weird movements. Here it's the same story only the girl has short black hair instead of long hair and has cat eyes instead of the black eyes.

The originality was the fact that they used real cats all over this flick and that must have been a hell of a time to shoot. But it clocked in way too long. There wasn't that much going on and it really never was that scary after all. It was even low on gore or blood.

I guess I must have seen too many of these kind of flicks that I have seen enough. Sadly I didn't enjoyed it. Watch it for the cats alone but don't be bothered by the story.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Story 2/5 Effects 2/5 Comedy 0/5