The Bloody Child (1996)

Russ Little, Tinka Menkes, Robert Muller, Jack O'Hara, Sherry Sibley,
A man is discovered digging a grave for his wife in the middle of the desert, and is arrested for her murder.
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  • Nina Menkes, Director:
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1 / 10

If you have 85 minutes to give that you don't want back, this is the film for you.

The only way to make sense of this movie is to read its reviews, note the simple plot, take careful note of the word "nonlinear," and try to guess how the film could possibly be understood by anyone who does not already have this information. The supposedly symbolic fragments spliced haphazardly throughout the backwards-in-time plot fragments are indecipherable -- as is the sound track. Put this on your "must miss" list!

7 / 10

I am sure there must have been some point to this film.

Unfortunately, I was unable to discern it. Judging from other viewers ratings, I was not alone in this view. Surprising that some external reviews seemed to like it. I think that one used the word "dull". A plot free movie has an extra burden to achieve acceptance. I saw it on DirectTV.

10 / 10

What pulled me to this film was it's top 10 LA Times listing

What drew me to watch this film is its LA Times top 10 films of the year and a thumbs up from Gus Van Sant. An absolutely brilliant independent film about the depth, the intimate look, at the internal workings and experiences of women. Each scene is as if a poem, beautifully designed with color, content, depth and composition. Each word has meaning, as again like a poem, giving reason for its making.

What an amazing accomplishment - I understand by the end credits the huge amount of educational grants to make this a possibility. It is refreshing to view and experience a womens point of view without curtailing reality. This is not a film made for entertainment - it is visual art, moving and exposing, changing and growing - it is something to learn from, to reach inside and react to.

1 / 10

NOW I've seen it all!

Let me get straight to the point: THIS IS A VERY HORRIBLE MOVIE! I have seen some of the worst movies I thought I'd ever seen, but it can't get ANY worse than this! (You KNOW it's a bad movie when, even six or seven hours after seeing it, you're constantly thinking to yourself, "WHAT KIND OF STUPID MOVIE WAS THAT?!"