The Blood Letting (1971)

Bruno Pradal, Charles Southwood, Gabriele Tinti, Ewa Swann,
Unintentional witness of a murder in New York , pursued by one of the assassin's henchmen and manipulated by the police, Bruno Pradal returns to France and his native village where the cowardice of the people will lead him to his ...
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  • Albert Kantof, Edgar Oppenheimer, Writer:
  • Claude Mulot, Director:
  • Producer:
8 / 10

Mulot strikes again in a "film noir" rip-off

Pornographer Claude Mulot once tried film making and liked it. So he didn't stop porn completely, but he shot a few "non-porno" movies during the 70's and 80's.

This one is about a french guy who left his native village for obscure family reasons. He's been living in New York since then with a girl he doesn't love, and has survived being a table boy in a restaurant. When he witnesses a mob chief killing a bunch of people, he decides to run away and go back to his France. The mob chief sends a killer out to seek him.

Now behind that common script lies a very unique directing, a few surprising scenes and an unusual atmosphere. Gabriele Tinti, as the killer, is very touching, and the story is overall gripping. There are a few times when Mulot's style gets in the way of the continuity, but this is a 70's gem I would not be shy to recommend to the genre's lovers.