The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings (1976)

Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor, Rico Dawson,
Tired of the slave-like treatment of his team's owner, charismatic star Negro League pitcher Bingo Long takes to the road with his band of barnstormers through the small towns of the Midwest in the 1930's.
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  • William Brashler, Hal Barwood, Matthew Robbins, Writer:
  • John Badham, Director:
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10/10 / 10

They just don't make `em like this anymore. James Earl Jones, BillyDewilliams, Richard Prior and Stan Shaw play their parts to perfection.Themusic is excellent, capturing the flavor of the times. There are somehugebelly-laughs and the plot keeps one interested throughout. Great sportsmovie.

9/10 / 10

in response to 'blaploitation', motown's magnate produces a great'hilariblax'film. great chance to see the godfathers of black comedy(r.pryor), black leading men (b.d.williams) and high black drama (j.e.jones). as an educator it's good to find films that can speak on thelife and times of America's pastime in a darker light.As important ask.burns baseball series, could have even been used to more vividlyillustrate the 2nd part of his work 'shadowball'. A film the wholefamily can enjoy--as well as my whole class.Every semester I show thisexcellent film to my students. it never fails to prompt kids to askmore questions about the '20's & 3o's in America and also questionsabout race relations. calls it my favorite baseball movie ofall times.

/ 10

Highly entertaining film about a renegade black baseball team that breaks through barriers in 1939,when black ball players where shunned out of white controlled leagues. Williams stands out as theirrazzle-dazzle leader. The almost black cast thatalso features Jones, Pryor and Tony Burton are superb.

9/10 / 10

This film got great reviews when it came out, but I had to go to aAfrican-American neighborhood theater to see it. That was only where itwas being shown. It was not marketed for a general (prodominentlywhite) audience. I believe that it has been overlooked since for thesame reason: it is believed to be a movie about African-Americans whichcan be appreciated only by African-Americans.

This is far from the case. It is a movie about individuals trying to dothe work they love while being frustrated by irrational human attitudesand biases. It is a movie about adapting to the perception that yourworld is changing and the change will be good for others, but not begood for you. It is as good a movie ever made about finding your goalsand persisting in reaching them, even as the value of the goal recedesbefore you.

And it is hilarious. It is done with sly humor as well aslaugh-out-loud wild humor.

7/10 / 10

Sorry, Charlie, but comparing "Bad News Bears" with "Bingo LongTraveling Allstars and Motor Kings" is like comparing "Hogans Heroes"and "Stalag 17"!! One is STRICTLY a bit of fun, and the other, whilethere are some laughs, explores a much more serious matter, albeit withthe tongue planted firmly in cheek. Sure, you probably had a "Bad NewsBears" lunch box, and Walter Matthau, Jodie Foster, and Jackie EarleHaley were just great in BNB, and there were some funny bits, but BingoLong had much of its basis in fact, and it was one of the first filmsto explore a much too ignored historical fact, namely the NegroLeagues. James Earl Jones, as usual, is wonderful, and Richard Pryordidn't have to totally play his role for laughs as much as he wasrequired to at this time in his career. Billy Dee Williams, who I feeldidn't get nearly as many good roles as he deserved, was just great asBingo Long. He was much better than in the terminally overrated "LadySings The Blues", also with Richard Pryor, but unfortunately up againstDiana Ross' massive ego. I especially enjoyed spotting DeWayneJessie(aka "Otis Day" of Animal House) as Rainbow. "Bingo Long" made mewant to learn more about the Negro Leagues and barnstorming teams ofthe '30's like the House Of David.