The Big Feast (1973)

Marcello Mastroianni, Michel Piccoli, Philippe Noiret, Ugo Tognazzi,
La grande bouffe is a movie starring Marcello Mastroianni, Michel Piccoli, and Philippe Noiret. A group of men go to a villa in the French countryside where they resolve to eat themselves to death.
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  • Rafael Azcona, Francis Blanche, Writer:
  • Marco Ferreri, Director:
  • Vincent Malle, Producer:
9 / 10

Watch a unique movie, nothing like you'll ever see

If you want to see what freedom of artistry and wild imagination is all about, don't miss this movie. It's a one of a kind and leaves you wondering - why don't they make movies like these anymore? OK, so it's grosse, and anarchic, and discomforting. But it's also a brilliant tragicomic story about four middle-aged friends who lock themselves away in a country house and feast literally to death. Plus there's this unbeatable quartet of actors - Mastroianni, Piccoli, Noiret and Tognazzi - playing roles with their own Christian names, which says a lot about artistic honesty. A pity there are no more Marco Ferreris around. 9/10

10 / 10

The collapse of a miniature consumption society.

A pilot, a cook, a choreographer, and a judge (+ a teacher!). Every key aspect of the western culture is present in this brilliant, surreal farce. The only ideology the men and the poor Andréa hold is one of hedonistic consumption of food and sex. The prostitutes are the sensible ones, leaving out of the game in time. They represent the "outsiders", people who refuse to take part in the destructive lifestyle, and are saved.

If you hate symbolism, you might watch this as a very funny and brilliantly acted comedy. If you don't mind the symbolism, every time you watch it again you'll find new depths in Ferreri's witty commentary of modern western lifestyle. Personally I don't mind it, hence 10/10. Belongs to my top 10 of all times.

9 / 10

A satirical masterpiece

Four affluent middle-aged men (Marcello Mastroianni, Michel Piccoli, Philippe Noiret & Ugo Tognazzi) close themselves off in a chateau for a weekend of stuffing themselves with gourmet food. They are joined by three prostitutes and a school teacher. It gradually becomes clear that this is a suicide pact ... the four intend to eat themselves to death. I love this film. It's somewhere between Bunuel and "Salo" ... or a version of "Salo" that is not hijacked as an indictment of fascism and is perhaps closer to De Sade. What starts as a fairly sensual enjoyment of food and sex gradually transforms into a grim and tawdry march to death. The film doesn't blink, but it also isn't really condemning men for their bloody minded self-hating lust for pleasure. It's both satire and celebration in an odd way.

10 / 10

To Kill a Cat You Should Choke It with Cream

What can be a better protest against hedonism than to kill oneself in the most hedonistic way: to sate oneself with food and luxury and sex to death? So four old friends gather together in the luxuriant family villa belonging to the one of the participants and start devouring their way to exotic quietus, I should warn you though, the spectacle isn't for the hungry, and however difficult the task may seem it turns out to be quite feasible. What is the most great in this movie is its thick atmosphere of absurdity and surreality of everything happening on the screen and at the same time a verisimilitude of this occurrence. This movie also brilliantly managed to catch a zeitgeist of its epoch. At the time the film was announced to be a scandal of the year.

7 / 10

A Disturbing, Impressive and Unforgettable Movie

The aircraft pilot Marcello, the chef Ugo, the TV choreographer Michel and the judge Phillipe decide to terminate their lives with a great pleasure, eating and having sex with three prostitutes and one school teacher invited to participate in their orgy.

I watched this unforgettable film in the 70's and I was very disturbed with this impressive metaphoric movie. In Brazil, it remained unreleased on video until a couple of months ago, when fortunately it was 'rescued' and released on DVD by the Brazilian distributor 'Versátil', specialized in masterpieces such as Fellini, Rosselini and Visconti. Now I have just had the chance to watch again this weird and daring movie about the decay of the society of consumption, empty and compulsive, searching for "sex and food" (material goods) much more than they need. The main characters use their Christian names. This movie is also a great black humor comedy. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Comilan?a" ("The Binge")