The Alternate (2020)

Upon unlocking a portal to an alternate dimension where all his dreams have come true, struggling filmmaker Jake is forced to confront his idealized self.
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9 / 10

Solid Sci-Fi Indie Flick

An interesting take on the alternative reality take and what one would do to get the life they really wanted.

Had a unique take on following a lead character and a shift in the story arch. I thought the actors did an amazing role portraying not only themselves, but also the alternate versions as well.

The SFX were on point to progress the storyline, which for a Sci-fi film is a tricky task.

The overall cinematography was really well done and it was also a big concept to be executed within an indie budget. Looking forward to seeing more future projects from Alrik and this cast!

Highly recommended!

9 / 10

Impressive directorial debut

Watched this last night with my husband, and we were both really impressed with this film. As filmmakers ourselves, it was so cool to see a character going through a really relatable struggle of trying to get their movie off the ground, and grappling with what they thought their filmmaking life would be and what the reality actually is.

We were engaged the entire time, especially with its fascinating concept that is surely going to inspire some conversation. The production value felt really high, and had solid performances all around. Great debut by a Alrik Bursell, looking forward to what he's got coming next.

6 / 10

Not bad

Here's a low budget Sci-Fi, that never manages to amaze but is also not terrible. The story is about a man that (in rather sketchy circumstances), creates a portal to an alternate reality, but once he sees how different it is, things get complicated and morals are tested. This is an engaging and thought provoking storyline, even though it never is pushed to it's full potential.

The acting is OK, if a little rusty in places, but i have to say, i really didn't like the female lead at all. It felt like she was trying too hard to differentiate between the 2 personalities of her characters.

The script was a little ropey too. That being said, the story develops well and with a sensible running time, it doesn't drag at all, unlike some similar movies.

I did enjoy this movie, but i must confess, i think that could be mostly because i like this type of film, because after all, when i think about it back, this didn't really add anything exciting to the genre. So if you are like me and like the idea of mysterious psuedo-science, then you'll probably like this too, if not, then you may feel like passing this one by.

4 / 10

Find another alternate

Such a bad story even more bad acting and silly script. Not worth wasting time on this movie. The way people traveled through portal was such a silly idea. Need to be more creative on inter dimensional travelling medium. So many things could have been shown in parallel universe travelling but writer focused only on family issue which killed the story completely. Climax was a disaster too.

In this age of high fi sci-fi movie this movie holds no special significance. Would suggest to avoid it. Movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once is really appealing when it comes to parallel universe story. This movie does not stand any chance.

10 / 10

Awesome movie!

This movie had a really cool eerie vibe but still felt realistic. The storyline was really engaging and accomplished the effect of making it feel like you're in the movie, like all good movies do. I thought they did a great job at making this alternate world seem real. There was suspended disbelief but done in a way that was believable enough to keep you in the story.

I thought the performances were really great too. The way this movie is structured I think the actors had no easy task but they did a great job.

Camera work was awesome, the writing was great, good acting, what's there to complain about?!