The Addams Family 2 (2021)

The Addams get tangled up in more wacky adventures and find themselves involved in hilarious run-ins with all sorts of unsuspecting characters. Sequel to the 2019 animated film, 'The Addams Family'.
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6 / 10

Storyline is so so

Family night out. I asked my kids how was the movie. They didn't like it.... The storyline wasn't that interesting. They didn't laugh at any of the humor. Nowadays, so many animation movies, they have to have a good script to get kids attention.

5 / 10

Boring and we were glad it was over when it was done

I watched this with kids and we all didn't really get into this this one. The first one was much much better, but this was feeling very disjointed and the jokes were lame/not funny. I was expecting it to be much better, unfortunately it wasn't.

I think the only fun scene was Niagara Falls , and only because we know that area so it was interesting.

4 / 10

They didn't capture the essence of this family

These cartoons should have a distinct goth vibe along with comedy. This just doesn't capture what it should. Less bouncy pop/hip hop music that doesn't fit with The Addams family and no inane pop culture references that will get old fast and lose all meaning. Do you really need lines about squad goals and totes taking selfies? Companies that make these don't seem to understand that kids would completely understand a darker version of this.

Comedian and writer Melissa Hunter used to do a youtube series called Adult Wednesday Addams where she played the now grown up Wednesday. It was funny and original. Although other people now uploaded it on youtube again she herself was forced to delete everything from her channel by whoever is in charge of The Addams Family brand. It was extremely popular with Addams Family fans. I would love to know how she was hurting the brand with her original stories and her great dark humor, but these cartoons with their ridiculousness aren't?

5 / 10


The characters were overall enjoyable, retaining the same uniqueness and quirkiness shown in the first movie. Despite the creativity in the sequel, I feel that it was exaggerated in its attempt to be entertaining... with many jokes that were not even funny. The movie felt very disjointed with lots of random scenes that I believe did not make sense. It may be true that a younger audience may be the primary target and so a flow in the storyline may not be important. However, I also did not appreciate some of the scenes showing violence between the siblings (e.g., strangling with a pillow). Again, this may be the Addams family being peculiar but it would have been useful to underline that such behaviour is not to be repeated at home.

6 / 10

it was ok !! kinda silly,strong beginning kinda boring ending

The beginning was actually pretty good. It was fun seeing all the places they went to. But it just kinda went down hill. The ending was odd. There was some silly humor that made me laugh. Some weird parts though.