Thalaivi (2019)

Kangana Ranaut,
A biopic on the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.
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10 / 10


Don't know why people in hatred giving this classic movie bad rating. Now a days cinema is becoming a political agenda. Because of social media some movies having good story line get bad rating and an average movie get higher rating. Social media influence. Well must watch this epic movie.

10 / 10

just brilliant

What an expression, dialogue delivery , punch , the acting all are superb. The background music also . All are at the peak. Just watch it.

1 / 10

Boring movie with abysmal editing, awful cinematography n appalling acting. Aditya Pancholi rings a bell? Rofl.

The lead actress is an epitome of overacting.

The lead actor looks like a boiled potato.

So many genuine negative reviews posted by prolific reviewers got deleted n so many fake positive reviews posted by paid trolls (check their profile history) are flooding this site.

53 times my reviews of this pathetic movie got deleted by paid trolls and i am loving it cos my reviews are givin em sleepless nites.

9 / 10

Very STRONG. Kangana ??

Thalaivii began with the strongest dialogue of the trailer. The rest of the film continued on the same form, it didn't become slow for one bit. The movie was full of brilliant moments and the performances enhanced this moments even more. The background music shined in every moment.

Both the lead specially Kangana amazed us again with her strong portrayal of Jayalalithaa. She was perfect for this role. I think Kangana will win her 5th National Award with this in the next year. In the supporting cast I loved Raj Arjun. Dialogues were another strongest point of this film. Finally, the movie is very strong, emotional & also inspirational.

Available on Netflix (Hindi).

? MandalBros.

10 / 10

Truly captivating

This movie was totally captivating from start to finish the level didn't drop. There was only one known star in the film for me everyone else was unknown to me yet I was gripped all the way. Truly amazing performance from Kangana I was in awe of her performance. She really is a remarkable actress.