Terrordactyl (2016)

Jack E. Curenton, Bianca Haase, Christopher John Jennings, Kevin Keator,
When ancient flying reptiles attack Los Angeles, it's up to two working-class friends, the unlikeliest of heroes, to save the day.
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  • Don Bitters III, Geoff Reisner, Director:
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3 / 10

Space-dinosaur-lizard-terror-aliens.... oh whatever! They came from outer space to reclaim their planet (apparently)

This B-Movie Indy film was released in 2016 and is labelled as an action, adventure, comedy. Directed and written by Don Bitters III (with Geoff Reisner also getting a directorial credit too), this 95 min film is filmed in LA and is brought to UK audiences by the SyFy channel.

A mysterious meteor shower crashes down outside of LA. Two friends (Lars and Jonas) race to find something that could change their lives and make them rich from the space debris. After finding a good meteor they head back home but are stalked by Terrordactyls. Once into LA the prehistoric menace starts demolishing the city, it is up to Lars, Jonas, Candice, Valerie and Sampson to save the day.

The premise for this story was obviously stolen from classical cinema, possibly Ishiro Honda's Godzilla films or films of that ilk. A space dinosaur, in this case a Pterodactyl, attacks earth and causes death and destruction in its wake. It is up to a bunch of losers and has-beens to save the world from this menace. It's nowhere near as good as the likes of "Rodan" (1956), "The Giant Claw" (1957), or even "Q - The Winged Serpent" (1982) - but if you have seen those you should know what to expect here.

I like low-budget, cheesy, and indie. I will not beat around the bush though, this film is pretty garbage, but it is not the worst garbage I have watched and in places it is actually quite entertaining. It is not in any way original; the CGI is pretty poor (but I've seen worse - give me an actor in a rubber suit stomping on an over-sized model town any day of the week!); there are plot holes and inaccuracies; and it's all pretty silly all around. The acting is ham and cheese which is good, by the way it is delivered the actors know that this is not a serious film which needs to be played straight. I think the script was meant to be funnier but that falls flat on its face if it is the case.

If you want to watch a colourful and silly film which pits young modern(ish) kids against a space-alien-dinosaur that doesn't require too much of a brain, then this is something you might enjoy (while drinking heavily too of course!) . It is like a poor man's "Sharknado" (2013) but not as ludicrous and enjoyable. If you want something more credible or engaging, then maybe avoid this one.

There are 100 things you could do which are better than watching this, but if you have done all those things and still have some spare time then this will not hurt too much. 3 out of 10.

6 / 10

two landscapers and a hot bartender save the world from some ancient space traveling reptilian birds.

For those that care to know, I am an average professional male who admits to this guilty pleasure, I enjoy low budget sci-fi / indie action flicks. It doesn't mean I will rave about the movie, or try to defend them as cinematic masterpieces. I will simply admit that I enjoy them as a mild fan of the genre and as a mild diversion from my rat race professional life.

Most movies, I admit, aree mediocre and not well made. Some, however, seem to rise above the norm even though they have little work with as far as budget or originality. I feel that this movie is one that does rise above that base line of ho-hum.

The premise and plot has been done before. However, the special effects are above what is commonly expected in a movie like this, and I felt the actors did a good job selling the comedy and dialogue.

Two landscapers are called on to save the world after trying to cash in on a meteor they found. Needless to say, they found more than a meteor. No cops are armies in Los Angeles, just them and a hot bartender to take on an army of ancient reptilian birds.

I enjoyed the flick more than I expected with a title such as "terrordactyl." For a mindless diversion from the rat race of life, and an enjoyable flick for this genre, give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

1 / 10

Extinction Event Needed

.Saturday, 7:30 in the morning. Las Angeles. Not a soul on the streets, sidewalk, neighborhoods, to be seen !!!

The huge disappearance of millions of people evidently left out the three most expendable life forms. Where the players were cast from should be closed down.

Evidently the actors capable were ALL working. The director might consider another profession. I doubt any reputable film school would be much help though.

The stench mentioned in the first ffew minutes should have been a clear wwarning.

1 / 10


Horrible Script, bad acting, awful plot, poor pacing, weak effects, but most of all, completely unlikeable characters. It doesn't get worse than this. I like really bad sci fi adventure (loved Sharknado), but this one was even beneath my low standard for cheese. The absolutely embarrassing dialogue and characters that were like cardboard cutouts (and unlikeable ones at that) made this perhaps the worst movie I ever watched. Incredibly bad.

4 / 10

Petrosaurs half alien from meteor and from Space...

Terrordactyl (2016) is an action comedy horror film released in 2016 that tells the story of two friends who searched for a meteor and found that the meteor is an egg from a prehistoric reptile. They come from outer space and attack the city of Los Angeles. Chaos occurs where the two men are trying to stop the chaos .. The movie is so ridiculous .. Petrosaur from space ??? Strange storyline, horrible CGI, but this movie is quite entertaining with all the silliness and oddity. Petrosaurs from the sky .. Is there a dinosaur there ??? Another giant creature ??? Or King Kong ...