Tequila Flavored Cigarettes (2019)

Lawrence Kochoa, Maya Tripathy, Bobby McGruther, Robert Lincoln, Bianca Roses,
Set in the world of No More Lonely People, childhood friends reunite to celebrate Angelo, the last of their group to turn twenty three. As the night progresses old feelings come up and they start to question whether the system is per
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1 / 10

Egosentric melodrama...

....with the emphasis on mellow. NO....the emphasis is actually on ego.

I really wanted to like this film, but 20 minutes in I began wondering about the supposed comedic aspect of it, and it started out in a comedy club! I blame the not-so-silent Bob who decided to shoulder production, direction, writing, and starring role. Just because you can do all those things, doesn't mean you should. Pick the one job you're good at, and stick to it.

People sitting around having random conversations at a party doesn't really pass off as great dialogue, let alone a screenplay. The "No More Lonely People" idea could have been worked into the story more. As it was the concept of NMLP came across as everyday lives of heterosexual couples living in a bad soap opera. Nothing special there.

While not all the scenes with solo cups had empty cups, the actors would have fared better if they weren't forced to do the few scenes were they were obviously empty. Nobody can do that.

In the end, I can't in good conscience recommend this movie.