Teenage Vampire (2020)

Claire Tablizo, Jaeden Riley Juarez, Gabby Garcia, Mick Buck,
Chase and Pam join the high school cheerleading squad in order to be cool and find out the team is infested with Vampires.
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  • Paul Matthew Lopez, Writer:
  • Aaron Lee Lopez, Director:
  • Stephen Allen Gutierrez, R. Scott Leisk, Kurt Wipfli, Producer:

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10 / 10

Teen Talent is exceptional!

Teenage Vampire included the right amount of action, suspense & humor! Perfect for all tweens, great message and definitely left me wondering if there would be a sequel .... I think Pam & Chase can kick a little more vampire booty too!

1 / 10

Oozing swill.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, except here you can. From the title to the stupidly bad cover. Pure trash in every way. Avoid like the plague. They also closed the comments on the official Youtube trailer. You hardly need to guess why.

6 / 10

Depends on who you are

I find it really important to consider the target audience when reviewing a movie.

The target audience for this movie is ages 11 to 15, with 12 to 13 being dead on. Rating should have been PG13 for kissing and a little booze. There is not a single swear word and at the most a bit of french kissing. Other than that its squeaky clean. Rare now a days even in kids movies.

It has heart. Yes, its cheesy. Yes, the acting is only ok. The plot is paper thin. But it does entertain. Would I play it for a bunch of adults? Heck no. But for a bunch of tweens near Halloween time it is fine, specially with popcorn and snacks. They will have a good time.

10 / 10

Super fun!

Family oriented films are really rare these days.

So this movie is really refreshing!

9 / 10

Fun Film for Teens and young at heart

It's a fun movie if you enjoy those types of movies not to be taken too serious.