Taxi Girls (1979)

John Holmes, Nancy Suiter, Mike Ranger, Ric Lutze,
Taxi Girls is a movie starring John Holmes, Nancy Suiter, and Mike Ranger. A sexy hooker comes up with a plan to operate her own taxi service for her fellow streetwalkers as a safe way to make easy money, with their male customers.
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  • Bob Oakwood, Writer:
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7 / 10

Fisting Was Edited Out

The original had a terrific fisting scene in the jail (I believe of Nancy Suiter). But when I found a copy for sale a few years ago the scene was edited down so the fisting was missing.

(Fisting was taboo in the 90's for unknown reasons but some (very few) current flicks now have it.)

And the best part was that the sex appeared to be real and the actors very much into each other and not the camera.

This and 800 Fantasy Lane, two of my favorite movies, were showcases for that incredibly well built and gorgeous babe Nancy Suiter. Sadly she dropped out soon after she started.

8 / 10

Fun Comedy With A Mean Streak

A stand-up comedian that's hooking to pay the bills gets tired of the cop rousts and rounds up some of her hooker pals to form a taxi cab company as a cover. It's a pretty typical comedy with some fun scenes and an enjoyable cast that does a complete flip in the last third to become startlingly rough as a rival cab company comes at them for vengeance. It makes for a unique experience and helps this one to stand out from the pack.